11.19.05 | Food Network, Misc 

Food Network: Too Many Cooks….

My name is EdHill, and I am a Food Network junkie. I watch it all, from Michael “He’s not gay, he’s just from Napa Valley” Chiarello and his amazing lisp (I watch every week hoping he’ll say “caramelized”), to Rachael Ray’s fragile psyche, to Paula Deen’s fragile heart valves. I love it all. Who among us hasn’t TiVo’d Everyday Italian just to see how tight fitting Giada’s blouse will be, or hoping we will get a close-up of her massaging a meat product? I am the only person I know of that actually considered ordering the Good Eats DVD’s. So imagine my amazement when they took the top 7 “celebrity chefs” and put them all in a room together to cook a Thanksgiving meal. It’s the Food Network’s All Star Thanksgiving. Giada’s giant head and hand gestures next to Rachael Ray’s manic insanity? Sign me up.

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11.14.05 | Food Network, Misc 

Paula Deen Coronary Watch: Lard Dog Edition

As I’ve made mention over the last several months, I love the Food Network. I find myself watching it way more than what is probably considered normal. I can cook, sure, and I do – but I think I’d watch it regardless. I like many of the personalities for different reasons and find myself really disliking only a few – Emeril and Flay spring to mind. Hell, I even watched every episode of “The Next Food Network Star.” (Which, by the way, appears to be the only show where the winner actually got the show they’re promised.)

Anyone who watches Paula Deen knows about her affinity for fat. Her “thing” is to drop whole sticks of butter into just about everything she cooks, from desserts to salads. To Paula, “Southern Cooking” is merely a euphemism for, “Artery Clogging Death Diet.” So I present to you: “The Paula Deen Coronary Watch” after the jump.

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