09.21.12 | Mad Men 

Mad Men: Jon Hamm Caught Smuggling Sausage…


The Draper knows his meat.

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Lists, Ranks and Inventories: Top 10 TV Dramas of 2010

Hi guys! Well, it’s the end of another year. Another nail in the old coffin of time. A chance to reflect on the year that was whilst polishing off those holiday leftovers and planning for that new year’s weight loss plan that, by golly, you’ll stick to this time around. An opportunity to make some real changes for the better. But where’s the fun in that? I say we focus on what really matters, TV and internet listicles.

Here I give you my top ten TV dramas of 2010, with the top 10 comedies and reality shows to follow. A couple disclaimers/warnings/drivel

  • These are just my opinions, not those of the other MSRies. They are welcome to post their own lists or (more likely) insult me in the comments.
  • The listed is limited to what I actually watched in 2010. I don’t get ShowTime, so there’s that, and CSI: Pacoima could be the most brilliant show on TV, but I will never, ever watch to find out.
  • The ranking is pretty arbitrary, especially towards the end. I can easily be talked and even more easily bribed into changing them.
  • Bonus points are given to shows that employ actors from The Wire. Not enough bonus points for Beverly Hills 902010 to make the list, sorry kids.
  • Spoilers galore!

Let’s dive in

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11.03.10 | Mad Men 

Mad Men: Huh?

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08.25.10 | Mad Men, Recaps 

Mad Men: Mr. Roboto.

This week on Mad Men: Sally gets in touch with herself, Don gets one over on a rival, and Betty gets even nastier (and not in a good way).

All this and more after the jump…

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08.20.10 | Advertising, Mad Men, Recaps 

Mad Men: Money Shot.

This week on Mad Men: Pete’s boys can swim, Peggy’s girls make a new friend, and Allison finally listens to the voices in her head.

All this and more after the jump…

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08.12.10 | Advertising, Mad Men, Recaps 

Mad Men: Date Night

This week on Mad Men Anna gets cancer, Joan gets cut and Lane gets laid.

All this and more after the jump…

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08.04.10 | Advertising, Mad Men 

Mad Men: Ghost of Christmas Ass.

This week on Mad Men: Sally gets a visitor, Freddy gets a job and The Draper gets it on.

All this and more after the jump…

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07.28.10 | Mad Men 

Mad Men: Bitch Slap.

Hey kids, I’m back. And so is our favorite show about advertising since Bosom Buddies. When last we left our good friends at Sterling Cooper, Don, Roger and Burt talked Lane into firing them, so they wouldn’t be folded into another agency. Together, our three stalwart heroes formed a new agency and hired Lane, who told his British handlers to suck it. They also took Pete, Peggy and Joan with them, along with all their personal issues. Now, as this season starts, Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce (SCDP), has been in business for a year, during which they’ve outgrown their small hotel room and now occupy an entire floor in the Time-Life Building. On the home front, Bitty divorced Don and married Henry Grace, some stupid political tool. And Sally is still a lethbian-in-training, although her lisp seems to have gone the way of the dodo.

Still with me? Good, because we’re just getting started…

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07.21.10 | Mad Men 

Mad Men: Drinkth Are Thuper!

Anyone else looking forward to the new season of Mad Men starting this Sunday? I don’t know about you, but I’ve already started drinking and verbally abusing the women in my life. Except for my wife, of course, because she’d totally kick my ass. I’m just lucky she never reads anything I write on the Internets, or she’d have my balls just for making that joke.

In the meantime, here are a few Mad Men-related things to get you in the mood for some old school advertising…

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11.05.09 | Mad Men 

Mad Men: Dead Kennedy.

night_of_the_living_dead1 110109I’m surprised that this episode of Mad Men featured the Kennedy assassination. I thought for sure they’d save that for the very end of the season finale, and then leave us hanging all year to see if he lives or dies. Maybe run a “Who Shot JFK?” campaign to drum up some additional interest in the show. But no, they did it this week; and they told us who killed him already. Now unless something scary, like say a zombie outbreak, happens next week, I’ll have nothing to look forward to next season. All the important story ends have already been tied up. Well, except for the future of Don Dick and Bitty’s marriage, the future of Don and Roger’s working relationship, the sale of the agency, Pete’s unpromotion, Greg’s stint in the Army, Peggy’s fascination with Duck’s Long Dong, Thally’s continuouth flirtation with dykedom, Kinsey’s serial masturbation and Cooper’s refusal to wear shoes in the office.

Oh, and in case you haven’t heard, THE PRESIDENT IS DEAD! Find out if he stays that way after the jump…

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