08.22.12 | Food, Food Network 

Paula Deens Vagina and other things I love…

So my hatred for Paual Deen is well documented. From her shitty food, to her rank hypocrisy, and most of all to her absolute disregard for her fans and her craven greed. I also think her kids are dumb. that hatred turns to love however when it comes to Paula Deens Vagina. No not the […]

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05.07.10 | Food 

MSR Foodie Post: Jose Andres

I was really torn about posting this one. I am a foodie. And I say that knowing exactly how pretentious the name “foodie” is because frankly, people like us are a little pretentious. So I try to tamp it down a bit. For instance if I make an hors d’oeuvre for a party won’t tell everyone it’s made with a saffron au jois and a French baguette made by albino virgins. I’d just say “its something I whipped up”. No one wants to hear some guy brag about food.

SO when 60 Minutes did a piece on Jose Andres I was intrigued…..

Jose Andres you see is based in DC so I have been to at least two of his restaurants (which are not all upscale froo froo places). I even watch his cooking shows on local PBS. What he does is intriguing to me as a foodie but it is also off the charts pretentious: molecular gastronomy.

Im still on the fence about it. I appreciate it’s scientific approach to cooking. Looking at textures, flavors, and breaking them down. But god almighty its pretentious. So I’ll just let you judge for yourself.

Also, who’s idea was it to send the millionaire good looking son of a Vanderbilt to do a story about a chef in a 4 star restaurant? How annoying is it to watch some trust fund millionaire elitist eating fancy food on TV?

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