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Hail to the Chief?

heroes0421_0.jpgLast week’s episode of Heroes brought us to Coyote Sands, where we learned why Angela started the company. I was so very ready for the writers to peel back a few more layers of the conspiracy this week, but it appears the realized that there were only two episodes left this eason so they had better wrap this thing up if they know what’s good for them.

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Sylar is Dead! Long Live Sylar!

dankogun.jpgSo, what do we all think about this deal that Danko made with Sylar? Sylar kills people for their abilites, and Danko takes the credit after an evolved human dies. By the way, I wish they would find a more interesting term than evolved human. Assuming you were born in the last 100 years and don’t read from the gospel of the flying spaghetti monster, you most likely think all humans are evolved. But I digress. Heroes is once again starting to get good, but do we have enough episodes left this year to keep it interesting?

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Heroes: Whine and Bromance

heroes033009_9.jpgHeroes returns this week with another improved showing, at least in part. The Sylar storyline has me eager to see what happens, and that hasn’t happened for a while. I could have done entirely without the Petrelli whinge-athon that was the rest of the episode. You’re bad people and you’re sorry, I GET IT. Even Jesus can’t escape.

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Heroes: Cold Tramp, We Loved You So

heroes-3-23-09-help-is-comingEven though it is still a little confusing for my tastes, I am really starting to get back into Heroes. I feel like it is only a matter of a few weeks before the other shoe drops with the Hunter. You just know there is more to his story. Nobody just grows up and dreams of being a no questions asked government pawn tasked with locking up American citizens and locking them up for their own safety. Well, nobody who isn’t named J. Edgar Hoover that is. So as I sit here watching the Hunter shaving with his straight razor (no diabolical killer worth their salt uses an electric), I wonder how long it is before we learn the rest of the story. He is becoming a pretty decent bad guy, however, and I am confident that if the writers do nothing else this year, they will make sure Danko goes in a fairly gnarly fashion.

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Heroes: Everyone’s an Expert

heroes030909_0.jpgIt’s job-training week on Heroes, as Claire learns to sell comics and commit fraud, Sylar learns to skin rabbits, and Nathan learns to defuse bombs. This episode was muddled, even for Heroes, with a couple of strong bits thrown in (who doesn’t like a good bunny knifing?). All that, plus the sexy Ma Petrelli eats oysters scene you’ve been waiting for.

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Heroes: And Now He’s Leaving On That Midnight Train to New Mexico

heroes-3-2-09-bennett-house Each new week brings another excuse for me to try and describe what a mess the writers have made of Heroes, but there really isn’t too much I can do. If there is anybody to blame for the show being average it is you, the viewer, for ever really holding out hope that the show could ride the wave of season one to years of quality programming. Admit it! If somebody had told you that by the end of it’s third “chapter” Heroes would be an average show with meandering plot lines, inconsistent characters, and a bunch of fans desperate for answers to ANYTHING, you probably would have been really happy with that. That’s really all you can expect from a Sci-Fi/Fantasy show these days, at least until they decide they want to kill the franchise by letting Brett Ratner direct a few episodes.

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Heroes: Shades of Oy Vey

heroes022309_0.jpgThis week Heroes managed to be very shouty, yet also very dull. Mostly it was an excuse to hammer home a bunch of points that most of us had already picked up: Nathan is a big ole hypocrite that will be exposed, HRG is not really working for Agent Danvers, and the Heroes writers are not afraid to reuse a plot line.

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Heroes: Sylar and Luke’s Excellent Adventure

heroes-monkey1Let us all hope that tucked away inside the recently passed stimulus bill there is a measure whereby the government decides to fix Heroes, because clearly the folks at NBC can’t be bothered with it. I’m sorry, but if I have to watch one show on Mondays featuring S.W.A.T. teams, government conspiracies and idiot beauracrats, I am always going to pick 24 (seriously, how awesome is this season?). I know Jack Bauer, he is an (imaginary) friend of mine, you, Peter, are no Jack Bauer.

Things have been slow this season, but I am actually holding out some hope. They literally blew up the entire background of the show when Pinehearst and Primatech were destroyed, so it’s going to take some time for the new conspiracies to surface and become interesting. Yes, some may die of boredom waiting for the process to play out while others just hang themselves rather than be subject to all that pain. But there is a third way: read your favorite television blog for recaps. It’s the tastes great, less filling approach to keeping track of Heroes, and we are here to help.

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Heroes: Not Faster Than a Speeding Bullet

heroes_020209_0.jpgWow, seems like ages since I’ve written a Heroes recap. Probably a good thing, given our rocky past. We both had time to think, sleep around explore our feelings, grow as people, etc. Now we’ll try this whole thing one last time, for the children.

When last we left our Heroes, they were on their way to a great big plane crash, courtesy of the incest munchkins, Claire and Peter. Much to everyone’s surprise, the crash was not Mohinder’s fault, although he did manage to loose his grip on Peter as he was trying to not get sucked out of the plane.

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Heroes: Everything I’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Heroes I Learned from the Uncanny X-Men

heroes020209_0.jpg[Note: This post is written by MOKERS. I’m just posting because it’s his birthday and he can’t, owing to a potent combination of drunkeness and accelerating decrepitude. Feel free to give me all the credit in the comments, Old Man Mokers won’t notice. Did he mention you should get off his lawn? -BM]

Before I sat down to right this Heroes recap, I tried to think about what went on last season. Yes, Arthur Petrelli is dead, but he was supposed to be dead when the season began, so what’s the difference? Elle is dead, true. But while the thought of losing Kristen Bell really hurts, she was always a gimmick bit of casting anyway. And that is doubly true for Meredith. Instead, it’s more of the same. Sylar is supposed to be dead, but we know he’ll comeback. Nathan Petrelli is a dickhead who craves power. Peter Petrelli wants to stop him, but he’s being a complete cho cha about it. Hiro and Ando are still more Ace and Gary than Laurel and Hardy. And Claire and her father are STILL pissed at each other.

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