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Project Runway: Chering is Scaring

Scene: sg-dub with baby-dub in arm, dinner on the stove, phone rings in the house.

“Hey, sg-dub, it’s EdHill. Can you handle the Project Runway recap this week?”

“Sure, I’ll try – why, what’s up?”

“Well, you know me; I’m going all Greg Brady this week with 2 hot dates per night through the weekend which I have to squeeze in between my Iron Man training, Chippendales gig, and re-upholstering my yacht with that baby seal fur I got from that sheik in Dubai.”

“Oh yeah, silly of me to question you… I’ll get right on it. Goodnight Snookums.”

Ennnnd scene

So here I am, trying to remember how to write a recap – for a show that I have only been watching in passing. AND I’m filling in for EdHill who has ascended to cult status during my hiatus. AND since I’m filling in for EdHill, I have to take a few extra measures: pSell cheker turnd off? Check. Grammar punctuation checker turne’d off check Shameless pimping myself to the female readers ready to go? Check. Hellooooooooooo Ladies! How are your cooters doing?

Ick. There’s only one EdHill and I dare not attempt to emulate him anymore. On to the recap after the jump.

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08.06.06 | Project Runway, Recaps 

Project Runway: Keith Fought the Law…

Let me tell you a little tale. 3 years ago me and sg-dub, co-contributors on a tiny little blog about all sorts of things, including TV, were singing the praises of a little show on an obscure channel called Project Runway. “It’s about fashion, but trust me it’s really good” we kept telling all our friends, which would then be followed up with “and no were not gay. Not after what happened last time.” The shows strength you see was that it was truly a competitive reality show where the winners and losers were judged on their talent. Not whether they can schmooze Donald Trump in a boardroom or use a backdoor veto. You could try and be a “character” on the show but if you dresses sucked you were gone. It had Tim Gunn, It had pathos, and most of all, it had Heidi Klum’s boobies.

So here we are 3 years later, sg-dub and I have gone on to blogging fame were noticed and it all started with our initial Project Runway recaps. All tsi time we have done whatever we could to get the word out on what we thought was one of the premiere reality shows on TV. Why am I telling you this? Well, partly because these little intro paragraphs are always the toughest to write and I thought it’d be good filler, and secondly because this week marks the high point of the season with its first bonafide controversy. The big secret (well, not so secret) was finally revealed as Tim Gunn for the first time had to kick a contestant off the show for violating the rules.

My apologies for getting this out late, as I was stuck in a hotel room in the Midwest (or quote unquote nowhere as Angela would put it) and didn’t’ even get to see it until Saturday. So basically I’ve spent all week avoiding any mention of the show from anyone. And it’s really embarrassing when you’re in the middle of an important meeting at the Widget factory boardroom in East Saskatchewan and someone goes “Did you see Project Runway last night?” and you respond by sticking your fingers in your ears and yelling “LALALALA! I CAN’T HEAR YOU! LALALALA”.

But look at me, I’m rambling like a giddy schoolgirl. Let’s get to the recap.

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07.28.06 | Project Runway, Recaps 

Project Runway: Bradley Screws the Pooch

It only took three episodes. Three episodes of this seasons Project Runway to get my blood boiling. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great episode. It had drama, creativity, suspense, Tim. All the things we’ve come to love about Project Runway. But it also had one of the worst performances by judges I’ve seen […]

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07.21.06 | Project Runway, Recaps 

Project Runway: Life’s Rich Pageant

I sat down for this weeks Project Runway all a twitter with the knowledge that this episode would finally show us the big “scandal” that has been alluded to from both Heidi in interviews and on other websites. Alas, I was let down as the episode went off with nary a controversy. Well, Vincent acted […]

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07.14.06 | Project Runway, Recaps 

Project Runway: Basketweaving 101

Well now that the one hour Project Runway casting special is out of the way , its time to get down to brass tacks. Time for the show to start in earnest. Time for the backbiting and 1 AM sewing crunches. Time for the model fittings and for Tim’s takes. Time for Michael Kors being bitchy and rolling his eyes and Heidi to look radiant as she Auf Wiedershein’s a whole new season full of contestants. It’s time for even more product placement than before (Now added to the TRESemm√© hair salon and the L’Oreal makeup room, is the Macy’s accessory wall. It’s only a matter of time before Tim starts walking around with a GoldenPalace.com hat on. And goddamit if he wouldn’t make it work). It’s time dear reader for Project Runway 3.

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07.12.06 | Project Runway, Recaps 

Project Runway: The Road to the Runway is Paved With Bad Designers

It seems like just yesterday we were all watching Tim Gunn giving Santino advice on the ruffled explosions he called dresses. When I close my eyes I can still see Andrae crying for 5 minutes straight and then running off the runway like a 6 year old who just dropped her ice cream cone. Yes Project Runway 2 may be gone from our television sets but it’s not gone from the television sets…of our hearts.

Thankfully BRAVO, deciding to strike while the iron is hot has decided to rush into production the new season of Project Runway 3 to help us through the summer doldrums. So drop the inner tube and the sunscreen, it’s time for Project Runway 3: Beyond Thunderdome. Or just Project Runway 3. Or Project Runway 3: Casting Special to be exact.

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07.12.06 | Misc, Project Runway 

Project Runway Returns Tonight!

Just a reminder, tonight we get two hours of Project Runway 3. A re-airing of the one hour casting special at 9PM EST (which premiered last night) and then at 10 the first full length episode. If you really can’t wait that long, you can watch a 20 minute version of the casting special online […]

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07.10.06 | Project Runway, Recaps 

Santino’s mythic smell. Tim Gunn’s impeccable taste. Michael Kors orange hue. And of course, Heidi Klum’s pregnant belly. Miss them? I know. I do too. But not for long, because this week is the return of Project Runway. That’s right, Project Runway 3, with a whole new group of contestants airs this Wednesday night at […]

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03.10.06 | Project Runway, Recaps 

Project Runway: The Dao of Chloe

Well, I have to admit that was one heck of a Project Runway finale. Really very exciting. About twenty minutes in I figured out why. This show is one of the few where the big prize actually means something. Instead of some silly live boardroom or a wacky gauntlet, the contestants get to show their work at the most prestigious fashion show of the year. So it’s a prize that is really worth something. Sufiice it to say I was having a grand old time watching this episode. I was about as excited as a heterosexual man should be at a reality show about fashion. Then thirty minutes in I realized that this will be the last time Tim tell me to “make it work” and it made me sad. The last time we can come up with weird food combinations of what we think Santino smells like (my final theory: hot garbage with rancid yogurt on top). Now I need a Tim Gunn alarm clock so I can have him wake me up every morning with a nice cheery “Time to make it work!” Then if I hit snooze I can here him say “This bothers me.”

But what a sendoff. It was a night full of surprises when everyone’s predictions getting tossed aside in what I consider to be a true upset win. A model almost fell down on the runway too, which is always fun. And to top it all off we get the best critiques yet with Michael Kors at his bitchy best. Behold dear reader, the season finale of Project Runway (Part 2).

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03.06.06 | Project Runway, Recaps 

Project Runway: All Good Things….

Well this is it. This is what we have been waiting for. After months of waiting we are finally at the finale of Project Runway. It’s Fashion Week and our three remaining contestants are there to show off their own collections. Who will be crowned America’s Next Top Model great designer and then fall back […]

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