12.18.07 | Survivor China 

Survivor China: Fourskin and Bones

four-by-four-121607.jpgAnd so it all comes down to this: Portly the underweight, underachieving waitress versus Duhnise the mulletted Lunch Lady versus Amanda the apologetic Beauty Queen versus Todd the gay Mormon stewardess versus my bronchitis and the holidays. Who will win this, the Survivor: China finale? Find out after the jump…

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12.15.07 | Survivor China 

Survivor China: Great Balls of China

welcome-121307.JPGSo much for my super-fast turnaround time. It’s not that work has slowed down any; I’m so busy I don’t even have time to bitch about how busy I am. But I wasn’t too busy to catch bronchitis. Ugh. So not only is my keyboard sticky with phlegm (which I must admit is a nice change), I can’t even drink my way through this week’s Survivor: China recap.

On the plus side, my cough medicine is loaded with codeine. For my pleasure. As for tonight’s episode, it promises to go down in history as one I’ll forget by the time Sunday’s three-hour finale rolls around. Seriously, it’s only Friday morning and I’m already having trouble remembering what happened. Hopefully, I took good notes. Guess we’ll find out after the jump…

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12.07.07 | Survivor China 

Survivor China: Duhnise

denise-and-todd-120607.JPGLooks like my ginormous work schedule is going to be the norm for the foreseeable future. So are my quick, poorly constructed recaps. So what happened this week? Todd lied, Amanda blurred and Duhnise got in touch with her inner retahd. Find out more after the jump…

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11.30.07 | Survivor China 

Survivor China: What a Maroon! What an Ignoranimus!

buttplug-112907.JPGOkay, before we get to this week’s Survivor: China recap, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. First the good news: I weighed in this morning at a svelte 174.8 pounds. I haven’t been this light since the wife and I started dating last century. Guess working 70-hour weeks has an upside after all. Now the bad news: working 70-hour weeks means I’ll be lucky to devote three hours to this week’s recap. Although judging by how well my last three-hour CrapCapTM turned out, maybe that’s not such bad news.

In other news, James is an idiot.

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11.16.07 | Survivor China 

Survivor China: Cheeseburger Breath

So I’ve been working a lot. Way too much, if you ask me. And since my non-work time is very limited, I devised what I considered to be a brilliant plan to get out of writing this week’s Survivor: China recap: under the guise of honoring the writers’ strike, I was going to refuse to work and the wife was going to write it for me. Unfortunately, the wife had plans of her own. Mostly of the “I’m tired and don’t feel like doing it” kind. (The recap, sillies.) In essence, she went on strike to get out of covering for me when I was supposed to be on strike.

Long story short? Despite already putting in 60+ hours as of tonight (Thursday), I’m still going to slog through and throw something together in the next couple hours. Because I care. I can’t promise you much, but I can promise you this: It’s not going to be long, but that doesn’t mean it will be very good either. (A dollar to the first person who can name the author of those vows. Yup, it was me. I win a dollar!) And you win the following CrapcapTM. Enjoy!

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11.12.07 | Survivor China 

Survivor China: Clients Just Don’t Understand…

Okay, here’s the situation, my boss went away on a week’s vacation. Actually, he didn’t, but I’ve always wanted to start a recap like that. Rather, we won a new account that needs a new campaign presented by the 27th of November, and I have two other accounts with new campaigns due by the first week of December. That means I’m putting in about 70 hours a week right now, which leaves no time for a proper recap.

I did have Survivor: China on Thursday night while I was working, but I wasn’t able to take any notes, and I’m not going to get to watch it anytime soon. So instead, I present my first ever MemocapTM, where I look at the photos on the CBS website and try to remember what was going on. What? It’s not like I’m taking a spin in my Mom’s brand new Porsche…

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11.04.07 | Survivor China 

Survivor China: PWNED!!!!!!!1

So, the wife has been out of town since Thursday. And just how have I spent my time? Well, I drank beer and watched zombie flicks until about 3:00 in the morning Friday night. And earlier this afternoon, I drank beer and saw 30 Days of Night with my friend Popeye. (Yes, the movie kicked ass. And yes, his name is Popeye because his eye once popped out of his head.) And now it’s late Saturday night and I’m drinking beer while writing my Survivor: China recap. Which just shows to go you that being an MSR recapper is every bit as glamorous as you’ve heard.

Anywho, wondering who got totally pwned this week? (Besides Josh Hartnett, of course.) The answer awaits after the jump…

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10.30.07 | Survivor China 

Survivor China: It’s Really Not That Complicated

This week on Survivor: China: The Survivors eat a meal catered by K-Grease, Sherea and Courtney bond over being lazy and bitchy (not to mention bitchy and lazy), and Todd cements his position as a low-rent Kaysar by masterminding one of the most convoluted and overcomplicated plans since Rube Goldberg first cracked an egg. All this and more after the jump…

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10.21.07 | Recaps, Survivor China 

Survivor China: Et Tu, Peih-Gee?

Hey everyone, EdHill here. copygodd is taking a long weekend to recover from the whole Ellen Dog tragedy, so he’s left it to me to take up the reigns this week on Survivor China. THis week we have a shake up in thre tribes and Peih-Gee and Jamie decide to hatch a plot so devious it makes them giggle like they were back in middle school. Read about it all after the jump.

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10.15.07 | Survivor China 

Survivor China: Sleeping Beauty

Thursday nights are now officially Survivor: CHINA night at the copygodd household. Which means I get a big fat Chipotle fajita burrito and all the beer I can drink, in exchange for buying the missus a nice bottle of wine and a salad. So it’s always interesting to start rewatching the show on Friday morning when I begin my recap. (Right after downing a handful of Imodium and a pot of coffee, of course.) I’m always amazed at all the things I thought were important the night before that weren’t, and all the little things I forgot that were. Like plot points. And who was actually voted out. And after reading my notes this morning, I remember how blindsided I was by this week’s eviction. (And how bad my handwriting is when I’m drinking.) Seriously, did anyone besides not-me see this one coming? Find out who got the boot after the jump…

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