12.12.05 | Making the Band, Recaps 

Making the Band: The Next Great One Hit Wonder is Here!

Get ready America, because you’re lives are about to change. From now on colors will seem brighter and smells will smell sweeter. Why you ask? Because from this point on we have the next great super girl group in our midst. After all the waiting, all the drama, all the Diddy ego trips, we have […]

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12.07.05 | Making the Band, Recaps 

Making the Band: Where My Ladies At?

I know, I know. This recap is late. The truth is “EdHill” is actually a team of 6 writers and 3 of them were on vacation last week so we were a little behind in catching up. Yeah that’s right, 6 writers. Hell, “J-Unit” alone is a committee of 12 writers, 2 of whom are former members of Monty Python. What you think just one man can come up with these side splittingly funny jokes and screenshots? If so I’d like to meet him. He must be the most fantastic man alive.

But enough of that, lets focus on what were all here for. The penultimate episode of Making the Band 3. Diddy is about to make his girl band. Who will it be? Will I get to see large billboards of a scantily clad Dominique? Or maybe Denosh? Just think how big her Adams apple would look like hanging from Times Square. But first things first, as the girls are opening for the Backstreet Boys in front of tens of dozens of 12 year old fans, and we finally see which girls can handle the pressure and which ones will crack. Or their voices at least.

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11.25.05 | Making the Band, Recaps 

Making the Band: Aubrey’s Coming Out Party

When last we left the girls of Making the Band 3 we found out that they were going to be split into two groups and singing an opening act for the Backstreet Boys. And then we saw the girls act as if getting a chance to sing in front of tens of hundreds of people at the VT County Fair was a big deal. You know what is a big deal at the VT County Fair? The onion rings. Best I ever had.

OK, so I was kidding about the VT County Fair, they are just opening up for them on their DC leg of the tour. But it’s close. Take away the onion rings and smell of manure and you can’t tell the difference. Or heck, keep the manure smell. Who knows what that loft smells like. One look at Shannon and you can just tell she’s the type of girl who can leave a doozy of a twozy. But fear not dear reader. This episode we finally get what we have been waiting for. A topless Aubrey. Well, what I have been waiting for anyway.

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11.14.05 | Making the Band, Recaps 

Making the Band: Girls Gone Wild: Miami

Yes I know, this Making the Band recap is extremely late. The reason is because I had… ummm… jury duty. Yeah that’s it, jury duty. Ah who am I kidding, I can’t lie to my fan. I was just too busy. Things like “real life” sometimes get in the way of television (it made me sick just typing that). And I suppose a part of it was that I knew deep down Diddy was going to make some cuts this week, and after spending all this time with the new batch of girls, it was just going to hurt too much. Granted they weren’t going to vote out Aubrey, because everyone knows she is an absolute lock for the band. If she doesn’t get in I’ll eat my hat, as they say. And I don’t even own a hat. I’d actually have to go out and buy one just for the purposes of eating it. But I’ve grown to love each and every one of the girls. Mannish Denosh, chubby Dominique, sickly Cindy. They are all like sisters. Well, more like stepsisters since there are a few I wouldn’t mind getting to know a little better, if ya know what I mean. So without further ado, here is the recap for last Thursday’s Making the Band 3 season two. Think of it this way, it gives you something to read while you wait for the final Laguna Beach tonight, presented without commercial interruption.

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11.07.05 | Making the Band, Recaps 

Making the Band: Road Trip!

Yes, I know that this Making the Band recap is late. I do apologize, but since it was my birthday over the weekend (57 years young!) I was knee deep in hookers and blow since Wednesday night. Let’s just say what happens in Hartford, stays in Hartford. While I was off having my fun, the […]

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10.29.05 | Making the Band, Recaps 

Making the Band: You Can’t Make an Omelet Without Breaking Some Eggs

You know I gotta to hand it to my boy Diddy. Whether or not this season of Making the Band 3 is successful, he’s already created some good TV. So who cares if this girl band ends up sucking (which it probably will), we were able to see Diddy chasing a bunch of girls in […]

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10.21.05 | Making the Band, Recaps 

Making the Band: Tryin’ to Keep up With the Boom Cats

Well we’ve now gone through two episodes of Making The Band 3 and Diddy has started to cut some of the fat. And I personally can’t thank him enough. The show was full of fat. To put it in perspective, if this show was a meal, it would be a big greasy pork sandwich served […]

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10.17.05 | Making the Band, Recaps 

Making the Band: Screeching for Dollars

We’re already one episode into the season on Making the Band 3 (or season two, or cycle two, or version 2.0 or something) and Diddy is fired up. This will not be a failure like last season, dammit. He WILL make a mediocre band that will have one lackluster album and then disappear. Now that […]

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10.06.05 | Making the Band, Recaps 

Making the Band: Do NOT Dance in the Back

Yes, that’s right, it’s time for another Season of Making The Band 3 with Sean Combs/Puff Daddy/Puffy/P. Diddy/Diddy. And midseasonreplacements will be here covering it all, from recapping the show, to liveblogging from the wrap party at Diddy’s Hampton estate. Why recap Making the Band 3? Well, I had watched previous iterations of the show only infrequently, despite sg-dub’s constant insistence that Making The Band 2 was one of his top ten reality shows of all time. And the parody on Chappelle’s Show was probably one of the funniest things I had ever seen (at least before the Apprentice Lamborghini marketing pitch). What really turned me around to becoming a devotee of the show (or a “Bander” as I have now nicknamed us) were two things. Watching Sean Combs go on the Today Show to make his surprise “announcement,” and the MTV VMA’s. When he revealed on the Today Show that his big announcement was simply him changing his stupid nickname, the unintentional hilarity of that was simply off the charts. And as far as the VMA’s were concerned, it was just an exercise in massive unquenchable hubris on such a grand scale as to boggle the mind. Never in our American experience have we been blessed with a man with such an inflated sense of his own mediocre talent. I mean deep down Kevin Federline knows that he’s just another white trash good ol’ boy who hit the jackpot. Granted it’s buried underneath years of built-up grime, soot and the smell of a thousand bottles of Olde English, but its there. But Diddy is so far gone that he thinks him changing his name constitutes news, that his silly clothes aren’t dumb and that musically he isn’t just an overblown DJ. A man such as this is prime real estate in the world of midseasonreplacements. And I am proud to take on the task.

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