04.15.08 | American Idol, Feature 

American Idol: Suggestions, Requests and Pleas for Mercy on Mariah Carey Night

b00005mawm_01__sclzzzzzzz_.jpg This week, American Idol‘s most commonly butchered artist, Mariah Carey, is coming to town to mentor the Idols with the Mariah songbook in one hand and copies of her new CD E=MC2 in the other. I’m assuming she’s keeping her Cheetos in her bag. Regardless, while this year’s talent pool may arguably be the deepest in Idol history, it’s also the least equipped to handle the 23823909 octave range of Mariah Carey’s voice. Last year, a lackluster year for Idol talent, at this point in the compeition we still had Jordin, Melinda, LaKisha and even Phil Stacey, who could’ve done a serviceable job on the BIG Mariah Carey songs. This year we have, uhh, Carly. So on that note, a put together a little list of dos and don’ts for the Top 7. Hopefully, they listened to me – check them out and post your pics after the jump!

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01.14.08 | Feature, Misc 

Whaddayathink?: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

term.jpgWeeks – no months – of marketing is now, hopefully, over. The Sarah Connor Chronicles have landed. But was that a thud I heard? No perhaps not, but in watching the full first hour of the special two-day (which by the way, only reminds me that I should be watching the special two-day premiere of 24 right about now), I’m straddling the fence here. Like the homely girl you start hooking up with after her hot roommate gives you the cold should, I wonder what I’d think of this show in another TV landscape. A TV landscape, in which writers and studio bigwigs skipped hand-in-hand through lollipop fields, a Celebrity Apprentice was just a bad bit in a Dane Cook stand-up routine and I could be expecting another visit to Dunder-Mifflin in the near future.

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01.03.08 | 5 Things, Feature, Misc 

50-ish Things That Made Me Want to Live/Die This Year: 2007 Edition

50things_shttylogo.jpg It’s the end of the year (or at least it was a few days ago), so it’s time for the biggest Things that Made Me Want To Live/Die EVER! I’m tackling all of 2007 from Grey’a Anatomy Ferry Boat to the Rock of Love;From the Dudemeister to JAM; From Britney’s Vagina to Charlie’s sacrifice – It’s an end of the year extravaganza! Find out why after the jump!

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10.25.07 | Feature, Lost 

Lost Mini Cap! The Orchid Orientation Film

We here at midseasonreplacements are always eager to keep the Lost flame going until the next season premieres sometime in the fall of the year 3487 when hopefully I will be 98% android (Go go gadget penis!). The Lost Rewind’s recaps from Ack are a perfect example of us keeping the flame lit. But some weeks ago at San Diego’s annual Comic Con (think of it as a porn convention for nerds), ABC unveiled a new DHARMA orientation film rife with new clues. See it for yourself after the jump.

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