Beauty & The Geek: There’s No Crying In Sledding!

Before&AfterThis week’s Beauty & the Geek episode ushers our contestants to a romantic mountain getaway, subtext: producers really, really want there to be some sexual tension. Unfortunately, what could have been a drama-filled was full of almosts. Almost-meltdowns, almost-nakedness, ALMOST-SEX!

This episode wasn’t a total let-down, though. There was some hot, wet bikini-wearing for sure. Awkward physical contact abounded. The physical challenge was pretty fun to watch. And then there was some good yelling (omg, Joe, shutupSHUTUP!). Plus all the boys cried. Woo!

(Please note: I did not write about last week’s show, because it was its own recap show. And while I am plenty lazy, even I couldn’t bring myself to recap a recap. Still, the episode yielded the best Geek makeover ever, as seen above.)

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Beauty and the Geek: Flame Broiled Drama

Beauty & The Geek LogoIf I weren’t talking about Beauty and the Geek, I’d say this episode had everything. Scantily clad women? Well, duh. But also ghosts! And a VAMPIRE! And drama that would put Big Brother to shame. Not to mention heaping mounds of trash and counting.

Yes, counting. To five.

Betcha didn’t know how hard it could be. (And this is why we watch, folks.)

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Beauty & The Geek: I Watch It So You Don’t Have To

Beauty & The Geek LogoI am the only person I know who watches this show.

So, if I’m doing the math right, and assume that my group of friends is representative of ALL MSR readers EVERYWHERE I am still probably the only person I know who watches this show.

But it is so worth watching, and so worth recapping, and I will tell you why: Because watching Beauty & The Geek will make you feel smart AND hot.

“WOW!” You will say to yourself, “I may not be as hot as these Beauties, but proportionately speaking, I have a WAY higher hot-to-incredibly-stupid ratio!” This in turn will make you feel better about yourself as a human being.

And if that’s not the reason we watch reality tv, I don’t know what is.

But here’s the long and the short of it: Beauty & The Geek is a show about making hot people look dumb and uncomfortable, and about making smart people also look dumb and uncomfortable. And then sometimes it also has sex. Win-win-win.

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