03.19.09 | Life On Mars, Recaps 

LIfe on Mars: Coffee, Tea or Annie

lom0214099With the cancelation of Life On Mars we are now entering the Home Stretch. Will Sam make it home? Will he at least get to bang Annie? Well find out soon enough. THis episode however we see how the 70’s made up for it’s lack of good music with lots of casual sex. Let’s hear it for the pre-AID’s era!!

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03.12.09 | Life On Mars, Recaps 

Life On Mars: Revenge of Broken Jaw

Strippers, boxing and the Weather Underground on this weeks episode of Life On Mars. I doubt it made it to Obama’s TiVo.

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02.25.09 | Life On Mars, Recaps 

Life On Mars: Let the Children Boogie

lom3-topGlam Rockers invade the 125 while Sam continues to avoid the fallout form the whole “inserting my penis into the boss’s daughter” thing. All in the latest Life On Mars…

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02.06.09 | Life On Mars, Recaps 

Life on Mars: Take a Look at the Lawmen

sam_shock[Hey everyone, I’d like to welcome our new writer Travellingone to MSR. She will be recapping Life On Mars (one of my favorite new shows of the season) and whatever else strikes her fancy (We also have another new writer, Theoroginalspy, who will also be joining our ranks, but more on her later). SHe also has her own blog here where she will be doing instacaps as well as her full recaps so make sure you check it out. So without further ado, here is Travellingone’s first MSR recap of the last episode of Life on Mars. Ed.]

Hey everyone. My name is Travellingone. I’m a former Recapist recapper who covered Life on Mars (U.S.), Women’s Murder Club (R.I.P.) and was the back-up for Spy for Torchwood and Doctor Who. I am Canadian (by choice – I immigrated) and Spy’s best friend (also by choice – we ganged up on our university literature teacher). I live in a city, as excessive country scares the crap out of me. I live in an apartment with a cat that is determined to take over the world. Problem is, the cat doesn’t belong to me. When I’m not recapping “Life on Mars” (U.S. version) or laughing her way through “TopGear,” I earns her living by working in the media. This gives me ample opportunity to talk about sex, fashion and Canadian politics, which is neither sexy nor fashionable. But enough about me. This post is all about Detective Sam Tyler and the glorious men (and woman) of the One-Two-Five…

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