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Dollhouse: And Whedon fans are asking, “what is this?”

dollhouse-logo2It’s perfectly understandable that Whedon fans are fairly confused. We all believe that seeing the words “Whedon,” “renewed,” and “Fox,” in the same sentence has about the same possibility of the plot of Angels and Demons being slightly realistic.
Asking us to believe the impossible, like this magical sentence, is like asking us to believe in Santa Claus, the Great Pumpkin, and the Tooth Fairy.
Well, hang out your stockings, sit in local pumpkin patches, and leave your teeth alone. You’ll need them to smile when Dollhouse appears back on our small screens come the fall.

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05.11.09 | Dollhouse, News 

MSR joins with BuddyTV to do it’s part to save Dollhouse

dollhousesave1As some of you may know, Joss Whedon’s amazing new show Dollhouse just finished its 13 episode run with a great finale featuring the much talked about “big bad” Alpha going mano e girlo with Echo. It was a great season finale to a great new show. Unfortunately, since Hollywood is filled with idiots who would rather give us endless hours of The Ghost Whisperer and NCIS, Dollhouse is in danger of not being renewed when the upfronts are revealed in the next few weeks. Well, our friends at buddytv have taken up the call to do what they can to keep this great new series alive and midseasonreplacements is more than eager to help out in any way they can.

First: Why save Dollhouse? Well, that’s easy, because its great. Not only does it satisfy the “kick ass action show with a sci-fi bent” crowd as well as the “I like to watch hotties in skimpy outfits” crowd (which are, let’s face it, usually the same crowd), it is also a smart, funny and thoughtful show that deals with ideas of identity, power and self-definition that in this online avatar filled world we live in really strikes a chord. It’s filled with really smart writing, unique characters, great acting and an arcing storyline that keeps you coming back. At the same time there is a depth to the show, with it taking on these interesting issues if identity and personality in a really subtle way that never becomes obvious or preachy, that is lacking in recent action shows. And with FOX renewing the decent, but fairly derivative X-Files remake Fringe, you’d think they’d give Joss Whedon some love, especially after what they did to him with Firefly, which is still inexcusable.

Thankfully BuddyTV is doing its best to keep the show from slipping away into oblivion and starting a twitter campaign to keep it going (and get a little bit of publicity of their own). Simply log into your twitter account and tweet the following:

Support Joss: Save Dollhouse. Fans get their voices heard @BuddyTV http://tinyurl.com/SaveDollhouse Please ReTweet and join the cause.

Do it for Joss! And while were at it, maybe he can get some acting lessons for Eliza Dushku so next time she faces off with Alan Tudyk’s Alpha, she doesn’t get so badly outacted.

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05.10.09 | Dollhouse, Recaps 

Dollhouse: This Show Needs More Victor

dollhouse-logo2In this episode, we are given yet another example of how the rest of the actives completely and absolutely overshadow Eliza Dushku. We’re also given all the actives’ back stories through the clunky plot device of an activacation. Unfortunately, just like all vacations, it’s a bitch getting there, only to find it far too short, and all you want to do at the end is sleep.
Oh yes, and Agent Paul Ballard spend the entire time looking angry, at everything. Someone should tell Agent Ballard that there are pills for that sort of condition.

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04.17.09 | Dollhouse, Recaps 

Dollhouse: Echoes (Episode 107)

dollhosuetop041709Eliza Dushku’s talents showcased: An episode-by-episode breakdown.
Episode 1: Her ability to sound business-like.
Episode 2: Her athleticism.
Episode 3: Her singing voice.
Episode 4: Her ability to wear leather pants while delivering meta-Joss.
Episode 5: Her ability to play a blind person and hit us over the head with religion.
Episode 6: Her ability to remind us of Faith without actually being Faith.
Episode 7: Her ability to look constantly confused.

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03.29.09 | Dollhouse, Recaps 

Dollhouse: Ep. 1×05: True Believer

dollhouseep5topPeople have been clamoring for it and now its here. The Dollhouse meets Waco. Hail Xenu! There is nothing America needs in our dark depressing hour than an hour watching wacky suicidal fundamentalists. It makes our problems look like a hill of beans. Beans of course are now selling for $500 a pound.

But that’s neither here nor there. Eliza Dushku’s thongs and garters take a week off and instead we get her in super hot polygamist cult outfits. And we all know how hot those can be

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03.15.09 | Dollhouse, Recaps 

DollHouse: Gray Matter

1x04-gray-hour-dollhouse-to You know, I always thought that being pissed when your sexy black leather pants wearing for hire safecracker loses her memory and becomes a blank slate was my thing. It turns out it wasn’t. Other people are pissed by it too. Take the group form this weeks Dollhouse. Luckily they have a hot blonde Asian to fix it/ All that and more in this weeks Dollhouse recap.

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03.07.09 | 24, Dollhouse, Misc 

FOX’s Recycling Program

What with my current obsession with 24’s increasing nonsensical version of Washington (expect another update soon, including the car crash on Wilshire, Oops, I mean in DC) I found it no surprise that they used LA locations to represent DC, but Little did I know they recycle the same old places.

Case in point. The very spot where President Taylor’s Daughter was told that her father was fighting for his life after being shot by Sengalan terrorists;


turned out to be the same place a few weeks later that Echo was dry humping her next target on Dollhouse.


Namely the Gallery Bar at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel, which was then reused earlier in the same 24 episode where Dubaku meets with his government informants.

Way to phone it in, Fox location scout.

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03.05.09 | Dollhouse, Recaps 

Dollhouse: American (i)Doll

stage-fright-dollhouseEliza Dushku’s talents showcased: An episode-by-episode breakdown.

Episode 1: Her ability to sound business-like.

Episode 2: Her athleticism.

Episode 3: Her singing voice.

I’m going to have to keep tabs at the rate this show is going, so I’m starting now, before there’s too many to remember, or Fox cancels this show, whichever comes first. Plus, it’s easier than covering the previouslies we’re now getting every week, or ranting about how much irony there is in reviewing a life the main character can’t remember.

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02.28.09 | Dollhouse, Recaps 

Dollhouse: Missing the Target a Little?

dollhouse-logoWe continue Eliza Dushku’s showcase with the more physical side of herself coming through, as opposed to last week’s cerebral sex-kitten librarian Elinor Penn.
So what happens when Echo gets sent out into the woods on her next engagement? You probably already know before reading this recap or watching this episode because it couldn’t have been more telegraphed if it tried.

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02.16.09 | Dollhouse, Recaps 

Dollhouse: Ghost (of Whedon Past)

dollhouse-logoSince November 2, 2007 (the day I first heard of Joss Whedon’s new endevour with Fox) I’ve wondered, what would it be like? What would make Joss Whedon head back to Fox considering what happened last time? When can I get in on the pool wagering how many episodes it would last before Fox pulled it?
Finally, what was up with the rewrites and the reassurances that everything was going to be fine? It felt more like a press conference by Dana Perino than what was really going on.
So what was going on? Who knows, but it’ll be interesting to find out.

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