09.24.07 | 5 Things, Misc 

5 Things That Make Me Want to Live/Die: 09/24/07 – 09/30/07

ldlogo1.png Well, it’s been an off-season, but finally after a summer of tv to live (yay, Greek) and die for (boo, America’s Got Talent) Fall TV is here, and with that the five things that make me want to/live die this week. Find out what they are after the jump.

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09.21.07 | Misc 

Midseasonreplacements Goes to Nashville

nash_0.jpgHey guys, it’s time to talk about the Donatos some more! Kidding! Last night I had the chance to meet some of the stars of Nashville as they gave a concert at a shopping mall here in LA. Fun fact: eighty percent of all female country singers have long blond hair! All the interviews and pictures after the jump.

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09.20.07 | Big Brother, Misc 

Midseasonreplacements interviews Dick and Daniele

dickdaninterb.jpg midseasonreplacements talks with both Dick and Daniele. What does Dick say about charges that he is a hypocrite? What does he say to being called a mysogynist? What did Daniele say about accusations she used her dad as muscle to get through the game? Read it all after the jump.

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09.17.07 | Misc 

Midseasonreplacements 2007 Fall TV Preview

fallprev2007af.jpg Nothing warms the cockles of a TV lovers heart more than the fall season. With a whole slew of new fall shows, it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. That’s why midseasonreplacements does all the work for you. Join us as we take a look at the fall lineup of shows. From the good, to the bad, to the very bad.

Come, let us warm your cockles….

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09.17.07 | Misc 

Will K-Fed go From Sleeeping with Britney to Sleeping with the Fishes?

kfedd.jpg Is K-Fed in danger of getting whacked? That’s what Entertainment Tonight says. And Mary Hart NEVER lies…

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09.16.07 | Misc 

Amazon.com To Me, Wrap Your Arms Around Me…

msvene.jpegIs there anything better than a muy caliente Latina beauty pageant? Where it’s still all about the tetas y asno? Of course not, but you knew that already. I know everyone watched it as well, but this years Ms. Venezuela Pageant had a surprise winner and some “shocking” editorializing on the part of the sign language interpreter guy. ¬°Vayamos!

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09.10.07 | Misc 

The Today Show Declares; “We Don’t Need no Stinking Vadge’s!”

todaysexy.jpgTrying to catch some of that Chenbot cameltoe magic, the Today Show ups the ante in the morning show Vagina-off. Read on for more…

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09.07.07 | Misc 

Midseasonreplacements Official 2008 Presidentail Endorsement

mercer2.jpgNormally we stay away from politics here at Midseasonreplacements but for this we have to make an exception. As patriots and human beings we cannot continue without expressing our deep and heartfelt support for the next president of the United States of America. Lee L. Mercer Jr.

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09.05.07 | Big Brother, Misc 

Zach’s Friendster Page Revealed! (well, maybe)

zachfriendster.jpgWith Zach installed as HOH, Sundays episode was a huge borefest with another HOH ignoring the Dick and Daniele threat. Because of that, and the fact that if we had to recap another “Come look at my new HOH room!” scene we’d pull an “Owen Wilson”, midseasonreplacements has decided in lieu of a recap of Sundays episode we will instead present to you what may or may not be Zach’s Friendster page. Is it really his, or is it a hoax? Read on for the evidence.

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08.31.07 | Link-o-rama, Misc 

Link-o-rama 08/31/2007

LaLaTeletubbie tonguing, some girl named Caitlin, and babies that may be laughing now but… all in this installment of Link-o-rama.

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