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50-ish Things That Made Me Want To Live/Die This Year: 2008 Edition, Part I.

50things_shttylogo.jpg After a sabbatical from the rigors of MSR, I’ve returned my devoted fan (hi mom!) with a bang. Here is my 2nd Annual list of the 50-ish Things That Made Me Want To Live/Die This Year: 2008 Edition! Currently, this is only the list of things that made me want to live this past year, because it’s a mammoth list, and too much for even the most devoted reader (you know who you are) to digest in one sitting. Later on in the week, I’ll post the 50-ish things that made me want to die, but until then please relive the wonders of Mean Serena, the Oceanic Six and the Rise of Eli Manning!

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2007 MSRblog award winners announced! Just in time for the 2008 awards to start!

msraward.jpg In classic MSR style, we announced last January the nominees for the first annual MSRblog award’s, or MSRies for short. And then I proceeded to procrastinate and forget to announce the winners, the forums blew up and all counts of votes were destroyed. We run a tight ship here at midseasonreplacements. But hey, if you want that unfunny corporate owned punctual shit, then this ain’t your website. We run things our way. And our way just happens to include an amazing amount of disorganization. So we have decided to simply award the winners by a vote of our writers and other blogging friends as judges. We asked David Hasselhoff to judge as well but we couldn’t meet his demands which were a hotel room with a bunch of hamburgers on the floor for him to eat. So without further ado, here are the winners of the 2007 MSRies! And stay tuned for the nominees for our 2008 edition.

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12.09.08 | Misc 

MSR On Location: Smallville

smallvilleloc1top.jpgWith the recent unveiling of Microsoft’s updates to their Live Earth map program, it gives you the ability to look at areas on the global map in a detailed high resolution 3 quarters view perspective. AS a map nerd this fascinates me to no end. So in order to combine my love of maps with my love of useless posts, I bring you the first in a series of posts that tour the filming locations of your favorite shows. Today’s installment; Smallville.

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11.25.08 | Misc 

MSR writer captured on Google Earth?

Working in DC, I was walking to work a few months back and as I crossed K Street and 14th NW, I distinctly noticed something any nerd worth his salt would notice on sight. The Google street maps car. For those who don’t know, It’s basically a car with a big 360 degree camera on the top that takes pictures for Google Street view. It looks like this.

Now at first I wasn’t sure if it was for Google as I didn’t see any logo’s on the side of the car, and it all happened to fast for me to do something really stupid to be 100% accurate it was me. Something like say, a perfect recreation of goatse man, albiet fully clothed. (Funny story, while searching for a PG related explanation of Goatse man to link to, I found this YouTube video showing someone recreating an entire species of Goatse men in the new video game Spore. Evolution at work.)

However as soon as it drove by I remembered what I was wearing, the time of day and a rough idea of how many people were around me. And then I waited. Months went by until recently, I was surprised to find that DC had finally been added to Google Street View. And there I was. Well, I think. Basically I can say with about 75% accuracy that the following photo is of yours truly, EdHill, captured in Google Street View forever. Either that or some other dude.


And just to bring this full circle back into MSR territory, I am walking about 15 feet from the Lotus Club, were Lindsay Lohan got caught boozing it up on a security camera a few weeks ago. Small world, isn’t it?

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The Gayest Gay Post in Gaystory

prop8_logo_revise.jpgOrdinarily we steer clear of politics on MSR, unless there’s a joke to be made, but right now there is “Yes on 8” ad sitting on our website like a festering hole of pus on our shapely backside (The other ad is Fuse. WTF Google Ads?). For those that don’t know, California’s Prop 8 will take away the right of same sex couples to marry. As a site dedicated to mocking all sexual orientations equally – be they straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or Flava of Love Contestants – we think the “Yes on 8” people suck. SUCK.

So we’re throwing up this, the gayest gay post in gaystory, in the hopes that it will scare them off. It may backfire, since homophobes are more obsessed with homosexuals than actual homosexuals. But we’ll give it a whirl.

***sg-dub here, hijacking this post to remind you Connecticuters to Vote NO on Question 1. While not implicitly anti-gay marriage, that’s pretty much what it is. (What it really is is a “Yes” vote will allow for a Constitutional convention so that we can have things like the CA Prop 8 vote every other year, which is bullshit.)


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clay11.jpg In a shocking turn of events, Clay Aiken has announced that he is gay. This has shocked…well pretty much no one. No one that is, except for one important demographic. The hard core Clay Aiken fans who like to post on message boards. Andy over at Reality Blurred took a look at their reactions and it truly is a gift from the mocking blogger gods. Granted the majority are supportive, but there are a few noticeable holdouts. Here are a few choice examples…

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Midseasonreplacements Fall Preview Spectacular!!

msrfall.jpgSummer is over which means so are “vacations” and “exercise” and “reading books on the beach” and “being outside” all that other horsehit. Now it’s time to really live, and by that I eman by watching otehr peoples fictional lives. It’s time for fall television!

Midseasonreplacements is the place to be as we take a look at all the new and returning shows for the fall season. And for those out there that think the writers strike affected the quality, you are going to be sorely disappointed. We’ve got more cop shows, some lawyer shows and even a reality show starring Paris Hilton! Man, how does Hollywood do it!

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America’s Next Top Model: Life Size

lifesizeweb.jpgHi all. Last night’s ANTM was fantabulous, unless you’re a Harvard grad. Tyra’s entrance and ‘acting’ as a modelbot, or possibly divadroid, reminded me of her other star turn as a non-living entity: the doll sprung to life in Life Size. Awesome clips (Lindsay Lohan!) after the jump.

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Big Brother 10: Midseasonreplacements Interviews Ollie

bb082608_5.jpgWhat’s our favorite April-shagging, megacephalic contestant got to say about his time in the house? We interviewed Ollie after his rapid elimination in the double eviction episode while keeping an eye out for attacking birds. He answers our questions about Dan’s betrayal, the other contestants, and more. Read it, why don’t you?

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Big Brother 10: Midseasonreplacements Interviews Michelle

michelleint3.jpgThursday evictee Michelle answered some questions for us via email before going off to sequester. Will she look up Jessie after the show? Who was the most traitorous? What about the conspiracy? All after the jump.

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