04.02.08 | Misc, The Hills 

Is Heidi Montag the Next Elisabeth Hasselbeck?

heidi040208Our favorite little boobilicious, full-lipped, underfed reality star has recently revealed that she thinks about, like, politics and stuff. And that she’s willing to ENDORSE a candidate! At first I was all “oh, cute, she watches FOX News,” but then I started to realize that little miss Heidi is crazy like a fox…

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03.26.08 | Misc 

Things That Are Comcastic!!!!

wincirle.jpgWhen Comcast launched its new ad campaign, wherein they attempted to convert their corporate name into an adjective, the first ad I saw was a takeoff on the old game show “$25,000 Pyramid.” In case you don’t recall, in $25,000 Pyramid, contestants work with a celebrity as a 2-person team. One is facing a pyramid-shaped board. One by one, from bottom to top, the cards reveal a word or phrase. The team member facing the board would give clues for their teammate guess. If you got them all right you won $25,000, presumably stacked in the shape of a pyramid. (Wouldn’t a check have been easier? I guess “The $25,000 Check” doesn’t have much of a ring to it.)

Why don’t game shows have awesome answers like this anymore? More proof that the 70s were a Magical Time.

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03.05.08 | Misc 

Midseasonreplacements Entertainment News: 03/05/08

swayze.jpg Sad celebrity news with actual deaths, impending deaths and potential seizures. On the bright side Mischa Barton is still healthy.

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02.26.08 | American Idol, Misc 

American Idol: Randy Jackson has trouble with numbers

randynumbers.jpg [editors note: welcome Ish to the stable of MSR writers with his recent musings on American Idol. Look for more if Ish’s writing in the coming weeks and in the meantime check out his blog.]

I’m a fan of American Idol and I like Randy Jackson, but seriously, I’m not sure he has a firm grip on the meaning of numbers. Example:

Randy listens to auditioner #1. He’s good. Simon says yes, Paula says yes. What does Randy say?

“For me it’s a thousand percent yes, dog. Welcome to Hollywood!”

Cut to auditioner #2. She is also good. Simon says yes, Paula weeps and says “you have a beautiful heart,” Simon audibly rolls his eyes. And Randy says:

“One million percent yes! You’re going to Hollywood!”

Did Randy really like auditioner #2 a thousand times more than he liked auditioner #1? Does Randy mean it when he conveys to us the fact that he believes that singer #1 has only 0.001 as much talent as singer #2? I doubt it. I suspect he has a limited capacity to understand the meaning of numbers. let me explain…

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Friday Night Lights: Keep the Lights On

fridaynighlightbulb_2.jpgMy beloved Friday Night Lights is in deep, deep trouble. I’m talking Panthers line-up with Landry, that annoying, fat red headed kid and a rageless Santiago (he’s like the anti-Angel) as Team Captains-level trouble. Following NBC head honcho Ben Silverman’s dismissive comments about the beloved, but woefully unwatched show (fortunately for the colelctive soul of America, According to Jim is back and doing better than ever!), rumors are running rampant that NBC will be fumbling (yeah, that just happened) the ball (ooh another one) and not running a two-point conversion (huh?) on the incomplete pass (that doesn’t even make sense). In other words: Looks like the lights are dimming for Dillon, TX (the fact that even though the writer’s strike is being resolved FNL’s incomplete 15 episode second season is coming to DVD in April is not exactly a good sign). Word on the street that another network may pick up the show, which by helpful, but best case scenario would be for it to stay put and continue building an audience. Normally, I’m not into these Save One Show campaigns, because, let’s face it sending CBS execs bags of peanuts to save a show starring Skeet Ulrich is pretty lame. Yet, the world is gearing up for a new season of the back from the dead Jericho, so I guess it’s worth a shot. After the jump find out what Best Week Ever has in store to save Friday Night Lights from the brilliant, but cancelled bin.

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02.05.08 | Misc 

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

fghandsmall.jpgThis is a completely random post with bad photoshopping about a terrible movie poster for a (probably) even more terrible movie. Have I ever mentioned that these little before-the-jump blurbs are the bane of my existence? They are. Jump already!

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01.22.08 | Misc 

Are MSRblog Writers Scientology Worthy?

xenu.jpg With the recent shocking (ie: frigging hilarious) video of a wild eyed Tom Cruise ranting about the wonders of Scientology, the so called “religion” has taken center stage. Another little known story that was recently released was an excerpt of an official Scientology Questionnaire.

RADAR online obtained a copy of the “SEC WHOLE TRACK” questionnaire that was developed by the man himself, L. Ron Hubbard. The questionnaire was designed to be used during “auditing sessions” to identify your “trapped thetans” which as well all know came about 75 million years ago when Lord Xenu (pictured here at left) destroyed billions of lives in a giant volcano on planet Teegeack (or as we call it today, “Earth”). The result is the spirits of those aliens became thetan’s which are now attached to our bodies and cause us to become suppressive persons engaging in out-ethics. And no one wants that.

We have an excerpt of the 343 questions as applied to “preclears” and had MSRblog writers give their answers in order to see if we are worthy of attaining the rank of Operating Thetan 5, and thus being able to cure diseases with our minds.

Read on for the results…

Update: Now with even more BERJnata!!!

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01.20.08 | Misc 

Confessions of A Superhero

conf.jpgLast year when sg-dub and I went off to LA to visit B-side and J-unit from the old TVGasm, we did the usual touristy things. We drove through the Hills, made fun of scientologists and walked Hollywood Boulevard. In front of Grumman’s Chinese theater are these people dressed in frayed and dirty superhero costumes trying to get people to take pictures with them. I was fascinated. I always wondered Who the hell would do this and what kind of life do they have? Well, I wasn’t the only one as it’s been made into a fantastic documentary called Confessions of a Superhero. See the trailer after the jump to .

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01.15.08 | Misc 

Tom Cruise is All Sorts of Crazy: Episode 378

tomsnuts.jpgIt’s almost become a cliché now. “Tom Cruise is nuts”. Yeah, yeah, we all know about the Oprah couch thing, but it’s the Scientology that is the creepiest part of Mr. Cruise oeuvre.

And no video brings home the creepiness of that religion then this video he taped in 2006 when he accepted the, get this, IAS Freedom Medal of Valor. What I the IAS you ask? Why it’s the International Association of Scientologists!

Not only is the award itself ridiculous(is a Freedom Medal of Valor like receiving the outstanding achievement in the field of excellence?), but his taped segment for the award shows reveals his nutty ass “religion” in all its schlocky failed sci-fi authored glory.

The best part is all the “shop talk” of Scientology he throws around. I was at first going to give you a rundown of what it all means ( terms like “out ethics” SP’s” KSM’s”, etc) but reading about it all so depressingly frighteningly mentally ill, I had to stop. see it all after the jump in all its whacked out, fucked up glory.

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01.14.08 | Misc 

Pardon Me, Is That A…

cialis1.jpegWatching the NFL all weekend gave me an urge to buy a truck, fill it with beer, and enjoy a 36-hour boner. I’m sure I’m hardly the first witty blogger to point this out, but the punch-you-in-the-face imagery just past the middle of this Cialis commercial is pretty funny, after the jump.

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