01.14.08 | Misc 

If Ya Ever Wonder Why They Hate Us…

feasty1.jpegNow, I love America. I really do. But I also love traveling and don’t love running into people with valid complaints about the good ol’ US of A. And I really hate running into people who say things like, “Please defend The Feasty Boys.”

For there is no defense.

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01.14.08 | Feature, Misc 

Whaddayathink?: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

term.jpgWeeks – no months – of marketing is now, hopefully, over. The Sarah Connor Chronicles have landed. But was that a thud I heard? No perhaps not, but in watching the full first hour of the special two-day (which by the way, only reminds me that I should be watching the special two-day premiere of 24 right about now), I’m straddling the fence here. Like the homely girl you start hooking up with after her hot roommate gives you the cold should, I wonder what I’d think of this show in another TV landscape. A TV landscape, in which writers and studio bigwigs skipped hand-in-hand through lollipop fields, a Celebrity Apprentice was just a bad bit in a Dane Cook stand-up routine and I could be expecting another visit to Dunder-Mifflin in the near future.

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01.11.08 | Misc 

The Wire Catch-Up

wirepromoweb.jpgMy love for The Wire is well known, some might even say obnoxious. But it really is the best show on television. The show gets a bad rap for being complicated, but I started watching 3rd season repeats when I finally got HBO, and I got hooked even though I didn’t always know exactly what was going on. But there are a lot of characters and by season 5, which started Sunday, there is backstory. Luckily, the tube of you of provided a four minute primer of season 1-4. After the jump.

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01.09.08 | Misc 

Midseasonreplacements 2007 Award Nominations Announced!!!

msraward.jpg With MSR fast approaching its one year anniversary we are proud to announce our first annual MSRblog awards, or MSRies for short. (or maybe midreps? Hmm, if anyone can think of a good name for it, drop me a line…) From the best show of the year to the most memorable character. Check out our full list of nominees after the jump and get ready to vote.

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01.07.08 | Misc 

Bourdain Becomes Eater of the Year. Celebrates by Eating a Duck Fetus

bourdainnores.jpg A belated congratulation is due to Anthony Bourdain. The disgruntled chef (think Cookie Monster come alive if Cookies = disgusting food you would never eat on a bet) took top honors as the eater of the year over at Endless Simmer.

And Coincidentally tonight also marks the return of Bourdain’s No Reservations on the Travel Channel (10PM EST). The premiere episode finds him in Singapore eating god knows what kind of abominations. The rest of the series takes him to Vancouver, New Orleans, Scotland, London, Greek Islands, Jamaica, Laos, Uruguay, Colombia, Egypt, Cuba, Romania, Hawaii, Tokyo, Spain, and Papua New Guinea. Not a bad line of work if you can get it. Check out a clip after the jump….

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01.03.08 | 5 Things, Feature, Misc 

50-ish Things That Made Me Want to Live/Die This Year: 2007 Edition

50things_shttylogo.jpg It’s the end of the year (or at least it was a few days ago), so it’s time for the biggest Things that Made Me Want To Live/Die EVER! I’m tackling all of 2007 from Grey’a Anatomy Ferry Boat to the Rock of Love;From the Dudemeister to JAM; From Britney’s Vagina to Charlie’s sacrifice – It’s an end of the year extravaganza! Find out why after the jump!

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01.02.08 | Misc 

Happy New Year from MSRBlog!

mq7f.jpgYeah we’re a couple days late, but you can blame the MSR office toilet-tank moonshine for that. 2007 was great for our little operation here and we expect even better things in 2008. Blah blah blah… this is all just filler bs I’m writing now to show you the video after the jump…

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12.21.07 | Misc 

Writer’s Strike: Video Bonanza

joegrossweb.jpgWriter’s strike got you down? Starting to worry that you may have to stop watching TV and, uh, do whatever it is people do when the TV’s not on (read? exercise? talk to your family? I have no idea and I refuse to turn off the TV to find out). Concerned that is all part of FOX’s plan for a 24 hour Seacrest Channel? Sadly, it looks like the strike will drag on well into 2008. To help fill the gaping TV size hole in your heart, the strikers have generated some amusing and even informative web content. After the jump, an ignorant and highly inaccurate update, plus a strike video roundup.

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12.21.07 | Link-o-rama, Misc 

Link-o-rama 12/21/2007

holiday houseThe never ending tragicomic spectacle of humanity followed by a wide range of holiday cheer, all in this edition of Link-o-rama.

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12.12.07 | Misc 

Who is the Eater of the Year?

bourdainoftheyear.jpgIt’s the end of the year and that means “end of year lists”. That glorious time when Bloggers can just start making random lists of top 5 stuff and throw it up on a blog so they can cut out early and drink eggnog until yolk drips from their noses and they hit on their sister.

So with that image still swirling in your impressionable little heads, let us partake of our first of many end of year lists. This one is courtesy of our friends at Endless Simmer, a DC food blog that is just as obsessed with the Food Network as we are. So without further ado, who is… The Eater of the Year?

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