Saturday Night Live: Let’s Just Say I’m Glad Charles Rocket Isn’t Around to See This

gilly1I’ve been a fan of SNL for a long time now. I remember the years withBrad Hall Terry Sweeney, A. Whitney Brown all the way up to today. I’ve suffered through the good times and the bad, with the good times coming about 20% of the time. So it was with delight that I was finally able to use the “I’ve never missed a show in 20 years” when they had their resurgence this year with Tina Fey’s Palin. It reminded me of that line in stripes when Bill Murrays girlfriend complained about him ordering out and spending all night listening to Tito Puente albums;

Tito Puente is gonna be dead, and you’ll say “I’ve been listening to him for years. He’s fabulous.”

But this last week was another example of how bad they can be. In a totally phoned in show with a forgettable lame guest (Sac Efron) we were treated to a lazy bunch of sketches that bombed one after the other. From the opening lame Obama sketch with Fred Armisen and Jason Sudeikis doing awful impressions of the President and Vice President, to yet another awful Will Forte singing on update bit. It was just crap from start to finish.

sg-dub and I were watching it this weekend and this is what we don’t get. This show has at least 20 writers. 20 people cannot come up with, at tops, 10 mildly funny sketches? I mean shit, give sg-dub ten minutes and we can work up something. And on top of that, the show never goes more than 3 weeks without a break. Is it really that hard? 20 people can’t come up with about 40 minutes of sketch comedy? They need a break every few weeks because of the “grind” of having Will Forte do his lame reverse Bon Jovi sketch? Really? But it was Kristen Wiig who provide the biggest disappointment…

My main problem is the “recurring character”. I ma not opposed to the idea at all. Belushi’s samurai was always funny, and Ferrell’s hippie college professor taking a lover always was good for a chuckle. The problem is the recurring character that is 1. not funny and 2. simply repeats the exact same jokes as the previous sketch. I present to you, “Gilly”

OK, it’s one thing to have a sketch that’s not funny, but this sketch is so unfunny I have no idea what joke they were actually going for. I mean, is her saying “sorry” the punchline? Is that what were supposed to be laughing at? Is it the face she makes? What is the point of the character?

What I am having trouble with is imagining the writers room with 20 professional comedy writers for the most revered sketch show in TV history getting pitched the idea for a “Gilly” sketch and thinking “YES! That is SOO Funny! We are so going to do that!!” But what really blows my mind is that this is the SECOND time we’ve seen a Gilly sketch. So not only did the writers think it was funny but they thought it was so good that they needed to do it again.

But luckily the next episode will be better. After writing that Gilly Sketch, SNL has decided to take a much needed break with next weeks episode a repeat.

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