So You Think You Can Vote: Top 14 Alien Pregnancies

Over the years, So You Think You Can Dance has had a rich and fabulous history of horrific costumery. Tonight set a new low, or high, depending on your taste and/or sexual deviancies, with Caitlin’s alien impregnator costume. Here’s your chance to vote on what the hell was up up with that, as well as your favorite dance of the night.

In case you missed it, or perhaps repressed its memory, much like those other alien abductions that left you chafing, here are some screen caps


Yes, that appears to be tin foil wrapped around a ┬álatex unitard. And yes, those are horns on her head. And yes, those are tin foil claws on her fingers. Having answered all that, we’ll ask the big question, what the hell was that?

And of course, vote for your favorite dance!

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