I Love You, You Love Me Longtime…

I think we’d all agree that life is sometimes too hectic. What we all need to do is turn off the cell phones, disconnect from the world, lose your passwords for a few hours – basically: Slow Down. It’s good for you, it’s good for everyone.

Including Barney. The Barney gang are a bit too hyper sometimes and a bit too eager to please. So when I was enjoying an episode the other day, I slowed them down. Ahhhh, that’s better…

And I was amazed at what a difference it made…

“Suck It.”

Oh yeah kid? “Suck it?” What do you know about sucking it?

That kid has some very advanced skills. The cheek switcheroo around 50 seconds is fantastic.

(I know the music I added is all wrong but it totally made me laugh so I kept it.)

sg-dub | 07.27.09 | Filed in Misc

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