MSR holiday present! Ding Dong! Hello!

I don’t think anyone at MSR is rougher on SNL than I am. My hatred of the awful “gilly” sketch keeps me warm at night. This season has been extremely unremarkable, especially if you compare it to last years high-water mark during the election. But occasionally though the increasingly c list guest hosts and sketches repeated it the same jokes and same premise, ad infinitum, one will usually burst through. SO it was last week as one of the last sketches of the show, the doorbell sketch, featuring Jenny Slate, or as I like to call her, the one who dropped the F bomb on her first sketch. And If you liked it as much as I did, you can download the ringtone I made for it as a personal Xmas present from me to you .

And don’t forget, Help MSR keep the CHRIST back in Christmas, and the Kah back in Hanukkah!!

EdHill | 12.23.09 | Filed in Misc

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