Survivor Redemption Island: The Dying Gasps of a Beloved Franchise

Ugh, I don’t even care anymore. I can’t remember how long it’s been since a season felt this flat to me. All these characters are boring, aside from Phillip. Rob is just one-note, and it’s no fun watching someone easily win. I’m sure the final Tribal Council will be interesting, as long as Rob and Phillip make it to the end (and it would be even better with Matt), but it just feels SO FAR AWAY. So, I’m not recapping this entire episode, once again. I’m on strike. Until this season gets interesting again. So instead, I’m just going to complain.

I really thought the show would get exciting once we got rid of Zapatera. Now I realize I was a naive, ignorant child. Because Grant, Ashley, Natalie, and Andrea are all worthless, and no one is going to ever stand up to Rob, so he can just pick them off as quickly as he wants. Unless things change, I imagine the next episode will be Ashley’s demise, but the editors will try to convince us for the 10th week in a row that Phillip is in danger of going home. Which he isn’t, because everyone wants to sit next to that lunatic.

A major problem with Redemption Island is the way it just delays the game. Everyone seems to be sitting around and waiting. The Redemption Island gang is waiting to see who’s coming to join them, and having four people compete but only one person lose doesn’t make for that exciting of stakes. And everyone in the game is just waiting to see who will come back from Redemption Island. Which is probably the only reason why Grant has been allowed to stay in the game, because they need to have a fail-safe in case Matt comes back.

So, I hate Redemption Island. It’s also taken away the reward challenges, which is a HUGE downfall. I don’t care about the rewards themselves, but in the individual portion of the game, rewards can make or break a person’s game, simply based on who they choose to share it with. A huge amount of the best Survivor drama has come from people revealing alliance hierarchies through reward-sharing. Instead, we’re giving the Redemption Island people rewards? Why? What is the point of that? And then when they give it up for “good will” from the people who screwed them over, all the drama back at Redemption Island is null, because those people can’t vote each other off. And then we’re just watching the Ometepe Six happy as can be, which is boring.

Instead, picture this much more exciting scenario: Mike wins the family visit. Jeff says, “Pick one person who is still in the game to join you with their family member.” Mike picks Rob, and the two of them go off with their sister and mom on a little picnic or whatever. This gives Mike a chance to get some insight into the game, as well as causing a whoooole hell of drama back at camp, as the other five would have a chance to talk behind Rob’s back and plot getting rid of him. Plus, the paranoia of a Mike/Rob alliance would hopefully spread.

But no. Instead, this game needs to be handed to Rob on a platter, which makes for the most mind-numbingly boring stretch of Survivor episodes I can remember in a long, long time. Say what you will about Nicaragua, but at least we didn’t know who was going to win. I hate that this season is making me wish we could have some Sash, Brenda, Marty or even, god forbid, NaOnka action. SOMETHING to spice it up.

Fingers crossed something good happens, I guess.

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