The Walking Dead: Shot to the Head and Rick’s to Blame.

“Grrr. Arrgh.”

This week on The Walking Dead: Amy’s born again, the camp loses more men and the group heads back to Atlanta. Again. All this and more after the jump…


This week’s episode starts off at dawn, with Rick using the walkie-talkie to warn Morgan against coming to the city. “Atlanta isn’t what we thought it was,” he says. “It belongs to the dead now. Also, a group of whorish plastic surgery addicts who call themselves ‘real’ housewives. Seriously, Morgan, them bitches is crazy.”

Back in camp, Andrea is still cradling Amy’s long-cold body; Daryl is taking out his frustrations on random corpses; and Glenn and T-Dog are throwing bodies on the fire. In other words, just another day in the Zombiepocalypse.

That’s another one for the fire.

While all that’s going on, Rick, Whori and Shane are trying to decide what to do about Andrea and Amy. Shane says Amy needs to be dealt with before she comes back. Daryl volunteers to shoot her from across camp, but Rick says he can handle it. When he approaches Andrea, she pulls a gun on him. “I know how the safety works,” she warns him. “I also know it’s not a ‘real’ cop killing if a white chick from the suburbs pulls the trigger. But just in case, I’ve already planted Jacqui’s fingerprints on the gun.”

Meanwhile, Morales and Daryl are dragging more bodies to the fire. Glenn notices the body was one of theirs and has a total meltdown hissy fit. “We don’t burn our own people,” he says. “We bury them.” Whatever, Glenn. Haven’t seen your scrawny ass digging any graves lately.

Jacqui and Jim are piling up more bodies, when she notices blood on Jim’s shirt. He tries to quiet her down, telling her that he just got scratched, but she rats him out and tells everyone else that a zombie bit him. BAM! Plague victim.

“It’s just a flesh wound!”

Rick tells the group they should head to the CDC. Naturally, Shane disagrees. He says they should go to Fort Benning, which just happens to be 100 miles in the opposite direction. Come on you two, just get a room already. You’ve both bonked Whori, so in essence, you’ve already slept with each other. Who penetrates whom at this point is just a technicality.

Of course, Daryl immediately volunteers to put a pickaxe through Jim’s skull, because that’s how they do things in rednecktown. Rick points his gun at Daryl’s head and stops him. “We don’t kill the living,” he says. “We may chain them to a drain pipe on the roof and leave them for dead, but we don’t kill them.”

Dale sits down beside Andrea and tells her about how his wife died of cancer. Well, at least the doctors said it was cancer. He knows it was really because he didn’t check the locks five times and arrange their books alphabetically by title, not author. Also, he might have accidentally poured cancer in her coffee one morning. But all that aside, in the end, she was ready to die and accepted her fate. He felt cheated and pissed and maybe a little guilty. “Since she passed, you girls were the first people I cared anything for,” he tells her. “And not just because of your sweater meat.”

Andrea pulls out the mermaid necklace she’d looted picked up at the department store in Atlanta. She tells Dale how she always managed to miss Amy’s birthday, and now she feels like a bad sister. Come on Andrea, you said there was a 12-year age difference. What 24-year-old hottie wants to hang out eating cupcakes with her 12-year-old sister when there are body shots waiting to be sucked out of your bi-curious roommate’s bellybutton?

During this whole scene I kept waiting for Amy to wake up and take a chunk out of Andrea. Seriously, girl, you do NOT get that close to an infected corpse. Fortunately, the tension was broken by Carol’s brutal pick-axing of her recently deceased (and formerly abusive) husband Ed’s head. Even Daryl was impressed by the way Carol handled her bidness.

“Stop telling me to turn off the goddamned light!”

Back by the RV, Amy finally begins to reanimate. She opens her eyes and reaches for Andrea. But her eyes have gone zombie, and her hands are more grabby than loving. Before she can do anyone any harm, Andrea apologizes and shoots her baby sister in the head.

(Side note: Did anyone notice how slow Amy was to get her bearings? Definitely more in keeping with the zombies in Romero’s DOTD than Snyder’s remake. When Roger reanimates in the original, it takes him a few moments to even notice Peter is in the room. When Louis reanimates in the remake, he immediately tries to kill Ana. Personally, I think slower is more believable. But, I’m a purist.)

As Rick and Shane are digging more graves, Shane tells Rick if he’d have stayed, their losses might not have been so bad. Rick says that without the guns he brought back, their losses might have been even worse. Jebus I wish these two would just do it already. This tension is killing me.

Later, Rick asks Whori if she blames him for what happened. She says she doesn’t hold him responsible like Shane does, but she doesn’t think Shane is totally wrong either. Also, she doesn’t know if she can follow him to the CDC just because that’s what his gut says. For example, her gut once said she should swallow Shane’s load, and now she’s totally regretting it. Really, is it that hard to find a couple bottles of pineapple juice?

Jim is resting in the back of Dale’s RV, but the disease is clearly getting the best of him. Rick tells him they’re going to the CDC for help, but Jim is delirious and talking gibberish. Outside, Shane asks Whori to convince Rick that going to the CDC is the wrong call, and they should head to Fort Benning instead. He cautions her about choosing her marriage over other people’s safety. Oh no he di’int! “I think folks around here can make up their minds without bringing my marriage into it,” she snaps back. When Rick exits the RV, she tells everyone they should follow Rick’s plan and get Jim to the Greek.

It’s time for Rick, Shane and Dale to sweep the forest for zombies. Sure, NOW they’re worried about security. Why didn’t anyone think about sweeping the perimeter the night before when everyone was drinking around the fire? Oh that’s right, Rick wasn’t there. Shane is such a douche.

With Dale heads off down another path, Shane tries to convince Rick to change his mind. “I gotta do what’s right for my family,” Rick says. “If they were your family, you’d feel differently.” Ouch, Rick. Shane’s a dick and all, but that was still a pretty low blow. The dude did take care of your family while you were in a coma after all. Of course, he told your wife you were dead just so he could bone her, but still. “I kept them safe,” Shane snaps back. “Looked out for them like they were my own. I even told your wife you were dead so she’d have sex with me.” Pause. “Oops, was that last bit out loud?”

A twig snaps further down the path, and Rick goes off to investigate. From a distance, Shane sights Rick in his cross-hairs. Before he can pull the trigger, however, Dale returns and catches him. “Jesus,” Dale whispers, as Shane drops his gun and pulls his pants up.

Back at camp, Shane, no doubt feeling guilty about nearly killing his supposed best friend, tells the group they should trust Rick’s instincts and try the CDC. They’ll leave first thing in the morning, because clearly Jim can handle another night without treatment.

At dawn, Rick again tries to raise Morgan on the walkie-talkie. This time he tells Morgan they’re heading into the city again. Make up your mind, Rick. Do you want him to go to the city or not? Because if’n he freezes, he can’t rightly drop. And if’n he drops, he’s a-gonna be in motion.

“Anyone want to go with us? We can fit at least 20 more people into our car.”

Morales tells everyone his family won’t be going with them to the CDC. He’s gotta do what’s best for his family. Instead, they’re going to Alabama. Yeah, that sounds a lot safer than the CDC. Rick gives him a gun and half a box of bullets, and they say goodbye.

On the way into the city, Dale’s RV’s radiator hose bursts, bringing the caravan to a halt. Shane and T-Dog head off to a nearby gas station to find a replacement, and Rick checks in on Jim, who’s clearly seen better days. “Leave me here,” Jim begs. Rick thinks he’s delirious, but Jim insists his head is clear. “I want to be with my family,” he says. Okay, clearly he’s still delirious, since his family is a bunch of brain-munching zombies now.

You know who else is delirious? Everyone in the friggin’ group, since they agree to leave Jim propped up against a tree to die on his own. Look, I’m all for granting the guy his wish to be left behind, but you don’t leave him there without putting a bullet in his brain. In a few hours, he’s going to reanimate, and anyone he kills after that is their fault. Not wanting to kill your friend is just selfish. I know you said you don’t kill the living, but once someone’s bit, they’re not living anymore. A bite is a death sentence, and should be treated as such.

“Goodbye! Have fun storming the castle!”

Suddenly the scene shifts to a video monitor. Dr. Jenner is speaking into the camera from inside the CDC. “It’s day 194 since Wildfire was lost to a killing frost,” he says. “There’s been a hoot-owl howling by my window now, for six nights in a row. Also, there’s no clinical progress to report.”

Next, we see Jenner in a biohazard suit working with some tissues labeled TS-19. He’s clearly exhausted, and accidentally knocks some type of corrosive fluid onto the Petri dish. An alarm sounds, and he bolts to the decontamination chamber. From inside the airlock, he sees the lab—and all of the TS-19 samples—destroyed by the Red Queen’s safety protocol. Alice is not going to be happy about this.

Later that night, a drunken Jenner addresses monitor again. “The TS-19 samples are gone,” he says. “And I’m out of cassette storage for the TRS-80. I think I might blow my brains out in the morning. I haven’t decided. But tonight, I’m getting drunk. And naked!”

Outside, the group finally reaches the CDC. Hundreds of dead bodies lie scattered on the ground. They quietly make their way through the corpses and up to the building, which is locked and shuttered. Inside, the proximity alarms go off, and Jenner watches on the monitors as Rick leads everyone to the security doors. Jenner is clearly upset by their arrival and begs them to go away, which only leads me to believe something really, really bad is going to happen to them. Maybe they’ll be the new TS-20 samples?

We are not alone.

Back outside, zombies start to notice Rick and the others. Shane panics, and insists they take off to Fort Benning RIGHT THIS INSTANT. Whori says there’s no way they’d make it that far; they don’t have a map, they’re out of gas, and Glenn has wicked diarrhea. Rick sees the security camera move and starts beating on the door. “I know you’re in there,” he screams to the camera. “If you don’t let us in, you’re killing us.” Just as Shane starts to drag Rick away, the door suddenly opens, bathing the group in white light. This can’t be good.


So, what did you think of this week’s episode? I still can’t believe they didn’t kill Jim. That’s just Zombie 101. And Amy and Andrea’s final scenes together were great. I tensed up every time Andrea got close to Amy’s mouth. The way Carol put the axe in Ed’s head was a riot; clearly, she’s not going to lose any sleep over his death. Just one more episode left. Any predictions on who’s going to die next week?

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