Link-o-rama 08/10/2007

zombie turtle kidI like turtles.
You better not watch this because you’ll die.
At first I thought that was his feet snapping off and flying away.
The view from the stands.
Your momma’s on crack rock.
Lauryn Hill is on crack rock.
There Are 12 Kinds of Ads in the World.
Tallest meets shortest.
Oops, maybe not.
Interesting new blimp thing.
Award winning urinal.
Infrastructure is patriotic.
Insert joystick joke here.
This will look sweet on my 15mpg SUV.
7 totalitarian wonders of the world.
How to annoy.
Esquire’s best bars list.
Top 5 ways to hustle free drinks.
A lightbulb with a website.
Japan is from the future I think. NSFW
It’s pure and good.
Make your home Gaytop gay.
Nicolas Cage is gonna be pissed.
Kitty mosh.
It was only a matter of time.
Maybe there’s something on in other countries.
What EdHill bought with MSR’s Google ad earnings.

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