Midseasonreplacements interviews Dick and Daniele

EdHill: Well, first of all, congratulations.

Dick: Thank you very much.

Daniele: Thanks.

EdHill: Let’s start with Dick. Are you surprised to be the one who won over you’re daughter?

Daniele: No. (laughs)

Dick: Not after the questions were asked. I think the jury questions were asked to us on Saturday night and just the tone and how personal it was. Things like Ambers attack on my daughter, and because of what a “good person” Amber is…

Daneile: And we all know she’s a “good person”.

Dick: After hearing that, and we did not know anything about the anti-Semitic remarks she made. We were informed outside of the house. But, some people get what they deserve.

EdHill: Now you were a pretty controversial figure yourself all season long. Looking back do you have any regrets on how you played the game?

Dick: I won. I really [don’t think I’d] change anything whatsoever. What I call the ripple effect and what Daniele calls the butterfly effect. You change one thing and it can change everything.

So do I have any regrets? As far as I know, I didn’t fabricate anything, I didn’t lie about anything. I said things that people are afraid to say. Calling people hypocrites.

EdHill: But when it comes to that, you can’t play this game and not be a hypocrite at some point. I mean, you guys lied to Eric and Jess to get rid of them.

Daneile: You know, honestly, people say that they can come into this game and go the full game being an honest person and never tell a lie. That is the biggest load of crap. There is absolutely no way you can get to the end without telling one lie. If you tell the truth the whole time you’re going to give up all your strategy, tell people how you feel about this situation and that situation. You can’t do that.

EdHill: Right, but…

Dick: Person after person, player after player. If you watch this game from season one [and] their diary rooms. If you think you can come into this game and not tell a lie, you’re lying to yourself. Now I didn’t use god as my crutch or use it as an excuse to get rid of a particular player in the house and when it didn’t work out throw fits and then say that I didn’t pray or read my bible enough or [pull the] “That’s what I was told by god” with this magic ping pong ball crap.

EdHill: But you yourself would go around saying that you were the most honest person in the house.

Dick: And I was at that point, Absolutely! What did you know? You know that we lied to Jessica and Eric. We’re we supposed to tell them that we were voting them out? How is that supposed to help our strategy with Jameka? We put her in a position where we had her in our back pocket. That was the strategy for that week. Not telling them and making a last minute deal with Jameka.

I never lied to Jessica. When I told Jessica you’re safe it was the first day [that she was put up by Zach in week 9]. I never said anything else about it [to her] from that point on. Daniele had said some other things but.. What I told Jessica in the jury questions was “when I told you that it was the truth’ (ed. note, the show did have Jessica telling both of them they lied to her, but any response Dick may or may not have made was never shown). When we changed our strategy that’s when it became a lie. Was I supposed to go to her and go “oh by the way, I need to make a deal with Jameka at the last minute and I’m gonna vote you out”? It’s game man. It’s game. But I didn’t use god as my excuse or anything else.

EdHill: You know, you’re pretty tough on the women in the house and..

Dick: You don’t think I was tough on the men?

EdHill: No. To be honest I-

Dick: Eric in the Jacuzzi? Didn’t you see me call mike out in the middle of the dining room?

EdHill: You would go after Jen and Kail and at the end even Amber more viciously-

Dick: I verbally abused Zach for hours. For you to say it’s towards one sex or the other. Dude, seriously, that’s bullshit. I went after Dustin. I went after Eric. I went after everyone. It has nothing to do with sex! I went after every single person in that house at one point or another. It has nothing to do with their sex, their race, their religion.

EdHill: You did attack Jameka’s religion! At first you would lay off it, but towards the end you did attack her religion. In fact when-

Dick: I didn’t attack her religion! I attacked her hypocritical use of her religion. Don’t get it confused.

EdHill: When you were upset at Jen, when Jameka used the ping pong ball to take Jen off the block. You got mad at Jen. Why would you get mad at Jen for doing what Jameka had promised to do? Why wouldn’t she take her up on that?

Dick: Well first of, Jen totally used Jameka and-

EdHill: Of course! Why wouldn’t she?!

Dick: If she said “it was just strategy” that would be one thing, but she said “I wouldn’t do that!” which was totally bullshit.

EdHill: Well, she said that before Jameka actually took her off the block. So if she admitted then that she was using her than Jameka might have changed her mind. So it would have been stupid for her to admit it.

Dick: The fact that Jameka changed after that, after things didn’t go her way. She made a deal with Dustin to use the POV and take one of them off the block. The replacement nominee would be Zach. And Jameka didn’t like Zach and wanted him out of the house. That was the plan to get Zach out of the house. When it didn’t turn out that way and it ended up being Nick, That’s when Jameka threw the magic ping pong ball theory out the window and she abandoned that because she said she didn’t “pray” enough and didn’t “read her bible” enough. I mean, gimmie a break man.

EdHill: Are you surprised that no one tried to break you up, as far as..

(Daniele and Dick Laughing)

Dick: They put us on the block 3 times starting with week 2!

EdHill: Yeah, but-

Dick: And in the final HOH, Zach was trying to get rid of us.

EdHill: But everyone at the last minute, they would always change their minds. You guys were an unbreakable pair and they would keep you week after week after week. So you guys would always-

Dick: Well, I didn’t know about “America’s Player” and Joe played himself out of that game by making alliances left and right. Daniele won the POV taking herself off of the block. The second time we were on the block together, I won the POV and took her off the block.

Daneile: Just like how I won the POV again.

Dick: And she took herself off the block. And at the end in the final HOH, I won taking her to the final 2. I mean, it wasn’t like.. We won when we needed to win.

EdHill: Well, I will give you that. I think Zach was stupid to wait until the end because it was pointless to put you two up because at that point it didn’t matter. All that mattered was the POV, and Daniele was a strong POV player the whole game.

Dick: Absolutely. And I said that. It didn’t matter winning HOH. I said in my diary room that it turned out for the best anyway.

EdHill: Daniele, I spoke with Kail about this and this even came up in the jury house on the show last night. A lot of people didn’t vote for you because they thought you were using you’re dad as muscle. You would say you didn’t approve of it, but you would use his anger to kind of coast underneath. Do you think that’s an accurate statement?

Daneile: Honestly when I heard that I… I’m sorry but when people say that I was “flying under the radar” I’ve…

EdHill: Well, not flying under the radar..

Daneile: ..watched every single season of this show. We had 5 POV’s, 2 HOH’s and were nominated 3 times and for that to be called “flying under the radar?! If you call it that, then you are not watching the show.

EdHill: Well, not “flying under the radar” as much as..

Daneile: -I understand what you’re saying.

Also, my dads game is.. You know, he’s calling people out on things. That has nothing to do with my game. Just because it was “my room” our “our room” and he yelled it out to everybody, people saw it as his strategic way of playing. I did not get credit for a lot of things that I did in this game strategically because my dad was the first one to say it. Would I change that? No, because that’s the person that he is. It’s unfortunate. Do I regret it? I don’t care. We both won. It doesn’t matter to me. It does suck that I do feel like I got robbed of credit of a lot of stuff that I had done in the house. But most of it was teamwork anyway. If they want to see it however they want to see it, I could care less.

EdHill: When you nominated Jen, the speech that you gave as to why you were nominating her, you said that you felt that she was taking it to a personal level with numerous people in the house and you didn’t like that and you didn’t think it was right. Why would you use that as an excuse to put her up knowing that you’re dad was using that as a strategy throughout the whole game?

Daneile: There was plenty of people using that as a strategy the whole entire game. I was personally attacked the whole entire game by almost every single person in the house. So for you to say that it was different with my dad, then you weren’t watching the show enough. Because I was attacked by almost every single person. And for them to stoop to a level like that, especially with Amber and her last comment in the jury. Saying I’m going to vote for a “good person”. Well, if you’re going to vote for a good person, why are you even in the jury? You’re a waste of a juror. This is about a game. It’s not about you’re relationships with people outside of this house. That’s absolutely absurd and she doesn’t deserve to be even in the jury. So it was because I did not like the way [Jen] was playing the game. And it shows, right after she was nominated. She said the reason she was so upset she was nominated was because she didn’t get to participate in a luxury competition. You really think that girl deserves to be in the final 2 because she wanted to coast all summer and be in a luxury competition? I don’t think so. She already gave up half the money if she did win. Why? Because she knew she wasn’t going to.

EdHill: But if you’re going to go up there and say that people are taking it too personal and you don’t think it’s right..

Daneile: Exactly! She was taking it too personal! I didn’t think it was right and that’s why I put her up! That’s what you just said!

EdHill: But that’s what you’re father had been doing the whole game!

Daneile: That’s not my game! Everyone in the house thinks of us as the same person, just like you’re doing. Don’t blame me for things that he was doing

EdHill: I’m not! But if-

Daneile: He played his own game. Period, end of story.

EdHill: I’m not. But if you’re going to nominate Jen because of that, why wouldn’t you nominate your father because of the same behavior?

Daneile: Because he was my alliance! He was my partner in the game! Dustin told me to nominate him. What would that do for me in the game? Nothing! Why would I do that? It would have been the stupidest move ever. I’m going to be the daughter that evicts her dad from Big Brother? I don’t think so.

Dick: Someone that she can totally trust, that would never put her up, would never make a move against her, and that would do anything and everything, including giving up my place in the house for her. Something that one in this game ever has done for someone else that was on the block. Being on the block, taking the POV and taking the other person off the block. Never has been done.

Daneile: And I vote to put him up and evict him and not be in the final two right now? What good would that have done me?

EdHill: It’s not that you would put him up. It’s the reasoning that you used.

Our time running short, the people at CBS then interrupt;

CBS: Ed, I’m sorry but we have to move on to our next interview.

Not knowing I haven’t hung up yet Daniele gives off one last comment

Daneile: Oh my god!

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