Midseasonreplacements interviews Dick and Daniele

EdHill: Well, first of all, congratulations.

Dick: Thank you very much.

Daniele: Thanks.

EdHill: Let’s start with Dick. Are you surprised to be the one who won over you’re daughter?

Daniele: No. (laughs)

Dick: Not after the questions were asked. I think the jury questions were asked to us on Saturday night and just the tone and how personal it was. Things like Ambers attack on my daughter, and because of what a “good person” Amber is…

Daneile: And we all know she’s a “good person”.

Dick: After hearing that, and we did not know anything about the anti-Semitic remarks she made. We were informed outside of the house. But, some people get what they deserve.

EdHill: Now you were a pretty controversial figure yourself all season long. Looking back do you have any regrets on how you played the game?

Dick: I won. I really [don’t think I’d] change anything whatsoever. What I call the ripple effect and what Daniele calls the butterfly effect. You change one thing and it can change everything.

So do I have any regrets? As far as I know, I didn’t fabricate anything, I didn’t lie about anything. I said things that people are afraid to say. Calling people hypocrites.

EdHill: But when it comes to that, you can’t play this game and not be a hypocrite at some point. I mean, you guys lied to Eric and Jess to get rid of them.

Daneile: You know, honestly, people say that they can come into this game and go the full game being an honest person and never tell a lie. That is the biggest load of crap. There is absolutely no way you can get to the end without telling one lie. If you tell the truth the whole time you’re going to give up all your strategy, tell people how you feel about this situation and that situation. You can’t do that.

EdHill: Right, but…

Dick: Person after person, player after player. If you watch this game from season one [and] their diary rooms. If you think you can come into this game and not tell a lie, you’re lying to yourself. Now I didn’t use god as my crutch or use it as an excuse to get rid of a particular player in the house and when it didn’t work out throw fits and then say that I didn’t pray or read my bible enough or [pull the] “That’s what I was told by god” with this magic ping pong ball crap.

EdHill: But you yourself would go around saying that you were the most honest person in the house.

Dick: And I was at that point, Absolutely! What did you know? You know that we lied to Jessica and Eric. We’re we supposed to tell them that we were voting them out? How is that supposed to help our strategy with Jameka? We put her in a position where we had her in our back pocket. That was the strategy for that week. Not telling them and making a last minute deal with Jameka.

I never lied to Jessica. When I told Jessica you’re safe it was the first day [that she was put up by Zach in week 9]. I never said anything else about it [to her] from that point on. Daniele had said some other things but.. What I told Jessica in the jury questions was “when I told you that it was the truth’ (ed. note, the show did have Jessica telling both of them they lied to her, but any response Dick may or may not have made was never shown). When we changed our strategy that’s when it became a lie. Was I supposed to go to her and go “oh by the way, I need to make a deal with Jameka at the last minute and I’m gonna vote you out”? It’s game man. It’s game. But I didn’t use god as my excuse or anything else.

EdHill: You know, you’re pretty tough on the women in the house and..

Dick: You don’t think I was tough on the men?

EdHill: No. To be honest I-

Dick: Eric in the Jacuzzi? Didn’t you see me call mike out in the middle of the dining room?

EdHill: You would go after Jen and Kail and at the end even Amber more viciously-

Dick: I verbally abused Zach for hours. For you to say it’s towards one sex or the other. Dude, seriously, that’s bullshit. I went after Dustin. I went after Eric. I went after everyone. It has nothing to do with sex! I went after every single person in that house at one point or another. It has nothing to do with their sex, their race, their religion.

EdHill: You did attack Jameka’s religion! At first you would lay off it, but towards the end you did attack her religion. In fact when-

Dick: I didn’t attack her religion! I attacked her hypocritical use of her religion. Don’t get it confused.

EdHill: When you were upset at Jen, when Jameka used the ping pong ball to take Jen off the block. You got mad at Jen. Why would you get mad at Jen for doing what Jameka had promised to do? Why wouldn’t she take her up on that?

Dick: Well first of, Jen totally used Jameka and-

EdHill: Of course! Why wouldn’t she?!

Dick: If she said “it was just strategy” that would be one thing, but she said “I wouldn’t do that!” which was totally bullshit.

EdHill: Well, she said that before Jameka actually took her off the block. So if she admitted then that she was using her than Jameka might have changed her mind. So it would have been stupid for her to admit it.

Dick: The fact that Jameka changed after that, after things didn’t go her way. She made a deal with Dustin to use the POV and take one of them off the block. The replacement nominee would be Zach. And Jameka didn’t like Zach and wanted him out of the house. That was the plan to get Zach out of the house. When it didn’t turn out that way and it ended up being Nick, That’s when Jameka threw the magic ping pong ball theory out the window and she abandoned that because she said she didn’t “pray” enough and didn’t “read her bible” enough. I mean, gimmie a break man.

EdHill: Are you surprised that no one tried to break you up, as far as..

(Daniele and Dick Laughing)

Dick: They put us on the block 3 times starting with week 2!

EdHill: Yeah, but-

Dick: And in the final HOH, Zach was trying to get rid of us.

EdHill: But everyone at the last minute, they would always change their minds. You guys were an unbreakable pair and they would keep you week after week after week. So you guys would always-

Dick: Well, I didn’t know about “America’s Player” and Joe played himself out of that game by making alliances left and right. Daniele won the POV taking herself off of the block. The second time we were on the block together, I won the POV and took her off the block.

Daneile: Just like how I won the POV again.

Dick: And she took herself off the block. And at the end in the final HOH, I won taking her to the final 2. I mean, it wasn’t like.. We won when we needed to win.

EdHill: Well, I will give you that. I think Zach was stupid to wait until the end because it was pointless to put you two up because at that point it didn’t matter. All that mattered was the POV, and Daniele was a strong POV player the whole game.

Dick: Absolutely. And I said that. It didn’t matter winning HOH. I said in my diary room that it turned out for the best anyway.

EdHill: Daniele, I spoke with Kail about this and this even came up in the jury house on the show last night. A lot of people didn’t vote for you because they thought you were using you’re dad as muscle. You would say you didn’t approve of it, but you would use his anger to kind of coast underneath. Do you think that’s an accurate statement?

Daneile: Honestly when I heard that I… I’m sorry but when people say that I was “flying under the radar” I’ve…

EdHill: Well, not flying under the radar..

Daneile: ..watched every single season of this show. We had 5 POV’s, 2 HOH’s and were nominated 3 times and for that to be called “flying under the radar?! If you call it that, then you are not watching the show.

EdHill: Well, not “flying under the radar” as much as..

Daneile: -I understand what you’re saying.

Also, my dads game is.. You know, he’s calling people out on things. That has nothing to do with my game. Just because it was “my room” our “our room” and he yelled it out to everybody, people saw it as his strategic way of playing. I did not get credit for a lot of things that I did in this game strategically because my dad was the first one to say it. Would I change that? No, because that’s the person that he is. It’s unfortunate. Do I regret it? I don’t care. We both won. It doesn’t matter to me. It does suck that I do feel like I got robbed of credit of a lot of stuff that I had done in the house. But most of it was teamwork anyway. If they want to see it however they want to see it, I could care less.

EdHill: When you nominated Jen, the speech that you gave as to why you were nominating her, you said that you felt that she was taking it to a personal level with numerous people in the house and you didn’t like that and you didn’t think it was right. Why would you use that as an excuse to put her up knowing that you’re dad was using that as a strategy throughout the whole game?

Daneile: There was plenty of people using that as a strategy the whole entire game. I was personally attacked the whole entire game by almost every single person in the house. So for you to say that it was different with my dad, then you weren’t watching the show enough. Because I was attacked by almost every single person. And for them to stoop to a level like that, especially with Amber and her last comment in the jury. Saying I’m going to vote for a “good person”. Well, if you’re going to vote for a good person, why are you even in the jury? You’re a waste of a juror. This is about a game. It’s not about you’re relationships with people outside of this house. That’s absolutely absurd and she doesn’t deserve to be even in the jury. So it was because I did not like the way [Jen] was playing the game. And it shows, right after she was nominated. She said the reason she was so upset she was nominated was because she didn’t get to participate in a luxury competition. You really think that girl deserves to be in the final 2 because she wanted to coast all summer and be in a luxury competition? I don’t think so. She already gave up half the money if she did win. Why? Because she knew she wasn’t going to.

EdHill: But if you’re going to go up there and say that people are taking it too personal and you don’t think it’s right..

Daneile: Exactly! She was taking it too personal! I didn’t think it was right and that’s why I put her up! That’s what you just said!

EdHill: But that’s what you’re father had been doing the whole game!

Daneile: That’s not my game! Everyone in the house thinks of us as the same person, just like you’re doing. Don’t blame me for things that he was doing

EdHill: I’m not! But if-

Daneile: He played his own game. Period, end of story.

EdHill: I’m not. But if you’re going to nominate Jen because of that, why wouldn’t you nominate your father because of the same behavior?

Daneile: Because he was my alliance! He was my partner in the game! Dustin told me to nominate him. What would that do for me in the game? Nothing! Why would I do that? It would have been the stupidest move ever. I’m going to be the daughter that evicts her dad from Big Brother? I don’t think so.

Dick: Someone that she can totally trust, that would never put her up, would never make a move against her, and that would do anything and everything, including giving up my place in the house for her. Something that one in this game ever has done for someone else that was on the block. Being on the block, taking the POV and taking the other person off the block. Never has been done.

Daneile: And I vote to put him up and evict him and not be in the final two right now? What good would that have done me?

EdHill: It’s not that you would put him up. It’s the reasoning that you used.

Our time running short, the people at CBS then interrupt;

CBS: Ed, I’m sorry but we have to move on to our next interview.

Not knowing I haven’t hung up yet Daniele gives off one last comment

Daneile: Oh my god!

(update. Check out SirLinksalot: Big Brother 8 page to see the other softball interviews.)

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288 responses to “Midseasonreplacements interviews Dick and Daniele”

  1. Sg-dub says:

    Damnit, what about the mom jeans?!

  2. honeybunny says:

    “CBS: Ed, Im sorry but we have to move on to our next interview.”

    So you and CBS are on a first name basis huh? Cool.


  3. anniedawg25 says:

    fuck these two dellusional assholes

    great interview though….I can almost hear Daniele’s annoying Banshee screech through my computer screen (((shudders))))

  4. Firecat says:

    I love how he claims that he didn’t lie or fabricate anything, and then he follows that up his next answer by admitting that everyone lies.

    You tried to use reason and logic on these 2 coconuts…and that didn’t seem to work on them, no surprise.

    And I don’t seem to recall everyone in the house going after Daniele on a personal level, she must have been confusing herself with Jen.

  5. Firecat says:

    And it was so apparent that he attacked the women much much more, and with more vitriol. His attacks on Zach and Eric were rare, and had more to do with game than anything else (distracting or getting his way).

  6. Bauer's Sweetheart says:

    I think you really got to Daniele. She started talking just the way you spell by the end of the interview!

  7. Tracie says:

    Wow. I don’t think I could’ve handled that interview, Ed. Way to go! I love the little comment Danielle made at the end there. I bet you’re the first interviewer who called ‘em out.

  8. Lime says:

    Wow is right. A medal of honor to you for trying to pose some direct questions to these 2 complete jerkwads.

  9. brilliantmistake says:

    Ed, you’re my hero for that interview.

  10. gir says:

    So glad I don’t have to read about these jerks anymore. Thanks for putting up with them Ed!

  11. Tabby Lavalamp says:

    Defensive much, Donatos? Well, it’s pretty much as I expected it would be. They were the same people we saw in the house.

    I just hope this didn’t hurt future interview opportunities.

  12. campfiregirl says:

    Thanks for going the extra mile for the interview Ed. All they want to be is congratulated not called on their horrible personalities. I agree with the dub– Why no call out on the mom jeans or nonexistent wallet? We needed answers!!!!!!!!1

  13. Boop says:


    Thanks, ed

  14. Copygodd says:

    you obviously weren’t watching the show enough.

  15. chick110 says:

    Barfly, did you honestly just use honestly??? ;)

  16. Bobbie says:

    Oh, this is sooooo fruuuuuuusstrating!

  17. EdHill says:

    You know, when i was transcribing this I thought that I let them off the hook for a lot of stuff (due to time constraints), but just looking at the other interviews they gave, its amazing how people kissed their ass:




  18. chick110 says:

    Even if you ARE a tool Ed, we knew you wouldn’t kiss their ass. Loved the Daniele whine at the end!! You did us all proud EdHill!!!

  19. HicksPub says:

    Way to hold your ground, EdHill. Golf clap. No wait, Jameka sass-clap! Great job.

  20. SpecialK says:

    Excellent job, EdHill! Thanks.

  21. JasonR says:

    God I would love to see a Daniele clip montage of her trademark sayings: “honestleeeee” “it sucks” “it’s so hard for meeeeeee”, etc.

    Way not to let them skate Ed.

    Anyone seen any Amber interviews where she was confronted on her Jew bashing yet?

  22. chick110 says:

    LOL, maybe Amber should go on Larry King…

  23. boolaw says:

    I love how Dick is so quick to bring up Amber’s antisemitism like it somehow erases how horrible he was. I really want someone to interview Daniele’s ex-boyfriend so we can get some really good dirt on her.

    Thanks for suffering through their stupidity Ed!

  24. Maeve says:

    The best interview I’ve read by far EdHill!!! Finally, someone takes them to task and shows them that alot of America thinks they are disgusting @-holes!

  25. Jennifer30309 says:

    Great interview Ed. I can’t tell if they were stupid and didn’t understand your questions, or trying to re-shape your questions so they wouldn’t be held accountable for their hypocrisy. I suspect the former is true for Danielle, while the latter is true for Dick. I think you were far more respectful than they deserved, given that they interrupted you, and didn’t make any effort to listen to your questions.

    Kudos aside, Ed, you should be ashamed that the term “mom jeans” doesn’t appear once in this interview.

  26. NYSheDevil says:

    Honestleeeee ….

    Karma is a biiitch, and I think she has her sights on the Dirty Donatos. I don’t think walking around when they get home will be as easy as those other interviews.

    Wonder where Dick will be spitting now?

  27. boomersmommy says:

    Oh, Ed, my dear, thannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnk youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu thissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God, I hope they’re vain enough to read this interview. I agree, they probably sat down with you thinking you were going to heap all these accolades upon them and then BOOM! you start hitting them with all theses questions they weren’t expecting. Hope they’re also vain enough to watch the entire season–live feeds and all–so they can see themselves the way we saw them.

    One question, though–what about asking Dickhead about the ice tea incident and the banging of the pots and pans?

  28. GODSBL00D says:


    Lies Lies Lies-The both of them.

  29. Wolfie says:

    Fantastic interview. Yes, his vicious attacks on women were different, more vile, more personal and clearly he has “problems” dealing with women (aka misogynist).

    Their answers? same canned garbage they’ve been giving out to the same canned questions most are asking. When you asked the “tough” questions, Donatos do what they always do, Daddy Dearest doesn’t listen, continues on his hypocritical rant, and Darling Daughter whines using the same 6 word vocabulary she’s used all summer. psssst, the Donatos lied from day 1, as they claimed they did not have an alliance and we now know that they both knew there would be there, and they spoke about having each other’s back in the first hour. Dispicable, not that they lied but that he tried to crucify every other HG for the exact behaviour he and she engaged in all summer long.

  30. Ashley says:

    Thank you so much for being one of the first interviewers that didn’t completely suck up to them. It was nice to see someone challenge them on the things they were hypocritical about.

  31. Laura says:

    personally i thought it was funny when dani said everyone thinks of her and her dad as one, and then you jumped right in a did the same thing! and your comeback to that was “then why didnt you put your dad on the block”?? give me a break-what a silly comment to make

  32. EdHill says:

    Thanks guys. Looking back on it I definitely let them slide on stuff. It was mostly due to time constraints. They always seemed to deliberately not understand the points I was making. I just didn’t have time to keep correcting them. What time I did spend on that made it so I couldn’t ask more questions I wanted to get to. I regret that I didnt defend my comment about his misogyny. He did go after zach adn eric in a limited way yes, but in the context of strategy (during HOH’s, trying to sway other votes). His attacks at Jen were constant, done even at times when no one was around, she when she wasn’t on the block and for reasons that had nothing to do with game. I felt there was a whole level of vitriol in his rants against the women then were ever present with the men.

    What I come away is that they really are wrapped up in their own delusion that they are the greatest players in the history of the game. Dick really doesn’t think he’s a just as much a hypocrite as the others. It’s sad ebcasue I really think Dick is a strong palyer and had some fantastic moves in the game (which i did acknowledge). But that doesnt excuse his other behavior.

    Daniele feels like the world is against her and “poor me”. Her pulling the “i’m not my dad!” excuse is just tired. You OBVIOUSLY used him and his abusive ways to move forward. You even smiled about it when he was going after Dustin (I have the screencap). Admit that it was your strategy and i’ll give you credit for honesty, but don’t pull the “I’m not my dad! What he does is unfortunate!” crap.

    And man if you could here the tone on Daniele’s voice towards the end with her “I don’t think so!”. Ugh.

  33. Debbie says:

    I loved this interview. Thank you so much for “having the stones” as Zach would say to challenge them. It is sad to say, but these two cannot see any imperfections in themselves and are bashing the others in every interview. They truthfully need to get on the boards and read some of the threads written about them…time for some constructive criticism for the Donatos!!


  34. EdHill says:


    She was deliberatly missing my point. Don’t have your main ally berate and personally attack everyone to your benefit and then turn around and nominate Jen becusae you think she “took things to a personal level”. Thats bullshit. Your main ally was doing just that and it didnt bother you one iota. It’s the hypocrisy of it all that drives me crazy.

  35. Vee says:

    They answered ALL your questions appropriately. I did not agree with all of Dick’s cursing (in the game) but it was effective and worked. The others in the house did exactly the same thing except they did it behind each other’s backs which I find totally nauseating. They played perfectly together. There was balance (between their two strategies). Your interview was ok but it wasn’t that “hard hitting” or whatever else people are trying to imply. It was a fair interview which was answered appropriately which shows that Dick and Daniele are indeed worthy of their win.

  36. Karo says:

    Ummm, vee? You have got to be kidding.

    Great interview Ed. I have been deliberately avoiding interviews with those two scumbags but I’m glad I read this one. I’m now done with the Donatos.

  37. Debbie says:

    Ed….I wish someone would confront Danielle that on national television we saw her tell her dad to go after Zach in the first round of final HOH. She keeps saying it was not her way to play…but we all saw it on National Television. I am glad you did what you did!!!

  38. Fair says:

    That interview was horrible. They ANSWERED EVERY QUESTION that you asked. You just didn’t get the answer of “We’re hypocrites” that you wanted, so you act like you were some martyr in trying to make them look like they are with the question. Why wouldn’t she put up Dick? That’s the dumbest question I’ve ever heard in my life.

    Congratulations on being a horrible interveiwer.

  39. None ya FNBiznes says:

    What a chicken shit.. you had no real opinions on the game other than what you thought people wanted to hear… the best two players in the game and you have no respect for them, but with the 5th grade interview questions you asked, i know why they had no respect for you…

  40. Bobbie says:

    Hmmmm….are we all really certain that we are done with the Donatos? I really doubt that. America, after all, LOVED them. So I suspect we will suffer further rounds of their BS on shows to come.

  41. ihime says:

    These pathetic people have already convinced themselves that what they’re repeating over & over to the press is what really happened.

    I think that the reason myself & others were disgusted with them from the first, included in large part the fact that we could tell they really believed the stuff they were saying in the house about the other HG’s (which in fact were their own actions being attributed to others).

    Their interviews are just like their actions in the house. They keep repeating over & over. That’s what they did in the house to Jen – kept repeating over & over until the HG’s & some BB watchers despised Jen for her actions. What is so extraordinary is that I watched the same house as they did, and yet they villify Jen as if she made non-stop selfish comments. That did not happen, but Dickhead sure said it did (and said it; and said it; and said it).

    I’m grateful I live in another state, because I’m just enraged over this stupid t.v. show that allowed such hateful spewing & hypocripsy to continue on until they became fan favorites of so many. I’m afraid I would become a stalker with hateful signs, letters, & calls to those freaks. Of course, I do have my $3.00 bet to stalk & trash them on the web (which I will endeavor to win).

  42. bayarea says:

    Great Interview Ed!! Too bad you didn’t have more time to crush them.. but their in denial anyways so I guess it wouldn’t have worked.. Poor you to have to put up with Evil Danielle.. Ughhh!

  43. JESSICA says:

    Your interview sucked ass. You’re a hater.

  44. bayarea says:

    How is Dick the America’s favorite if there are so many people that hate him (myself included)???? I think it was all fabricated by CBS for the psycho drama factor… yup!

  45. Claire says:

    Well done for calling these two scumbags out on their BS. The final America’s player vote, which went to Daniele, showed that the public were finally sick of their disgusting behavior.

  46. Tom says:

    Great to see an interviewer not sucking up to the Donatos! Ignore any negative comments, anyone who threatens to attack and rape others (Dick) or encourages that kind of behavior (Daniele) does not deserve respect.

  47. DEE says:

    Interviewing someone comes with experience. I believe you have none. It wasn’t a time factor you were against with your questions, Daniele and Dick’s answers were just based on facts. Remember, you only saw portions of the show, and they LIVED IT>>>>>

  48. June says:

    I’m sorry Ed but this was the most pointless and boring interview I have ever read…

    Wow you really showed them……

    You are my hero.

    You are the bomb.

    You should get 5,000 medals for this interview.

    Please Ed, be the father of my child.

    Really people, was this interview really THAT good?!?!

  49. vee says:

    Yep…they do not deserve your respect “Tom” but they deserve $550,000. They earned it. DO not hate the players, hate the game, to quote a past BB house guest.

  50. sg-dub says:

    Assuming JESSICA is a woman, and since she called EdHill a “hater,” I must ask her how she feels about a man whose daughter hates him and didn’t talk to him for a year – is that man a good man?

    Dick suggested that he would “rape Jen until she bleeds” and very often called her the dreaded “c-word.” Is this okay? Is that strategy. (Eric, too, enjoyed using that word.)

    I’ll admit, I hate Dick and I hate all dicks like him. Here’s the thing about BB – the beautiful thing – it’s NOT the editing as we get to see then 24-7. I hate his corny-ass torn up mom jeans, frosted tips, wallet chain with no wallet, his saunter, his pathetic name-dropping (Ooooh, Mike Muir, momma and son showed up for him!), spitting on non-absorbent astroturf (think about how gross that is), his lame air-guitar celebrations, etc. Take away the context of Big Brother and Dick is a guy I would happily make fun of for hours, if not days. Christ, the guy is 10 years older than me (looks about 20 yrs older) and acts 20 years younger.

    As for his spawn daughter, she’s just a lame, pathetic, whiny baby. 2 days alone with her and I’d abandon her ass too.

    That said, those of you who are defending the Dicknatos, please explain yourselves. Were you turned on by Dick’s “honesty” and “telling it like it is?” Do you follow that with, “Except, y’know, when he lies?”

    Listen, everyone is entitled to love whomever they wish, but to love a loser like Dickoff who will fritter and waste his 300K by having some grand delusion of opening his own club on Sunset to “Bring back the 80’s,” is just so weird to me.

    Lastly, Dicklovers, I invite you to read the BB recaps on this site. You’ll love ‘em.

    caveat: I hated everyone in the house this year, just so you know.

  51. boomersmommy says:

    vee? hmmmm? Could that be “vee” as in VINCENT?

  52. Josh says:

    Nice job trying to get through to those numbskulls. It’s hilarious how they both avoided any valid criticism. Their brains cannot comprehend that they could be jerks like the majority (if not entire) cast of every season of this show. NO. They are just a sweet father and daughter trying to stick together while the whole world is against them. Give ME a break.

  53. JB says:

    GREAT interview! So glad that someone finally had the guts to ask the tough questions. I’m so tired of the fluff and softball questions that most of the rest of the media is firing at these 2 losers. WTG EdHill!

  54. Vee says:

    By the way, this is America…..and there are tons of people out there who look like, dress like etc. etc. Dick. How Judgmental of You!!!! As a parent, he apparently did something right. He gave his kids to his Momma to raise since he couldn’t do it himself by himself. He didn’t abandon them and they are fine. Don’t judge!! His son and daughter are just fine. Daniele is NOT unlike many young people today who hate(but not really) or are ashamed of their parents. He however has never given up on her though. They(the children) are law abiding citizens just trying to get by in America like the rest of us so leave Dick alone…….Stop hating people you dont even know. I mean you sg-dub.

  55. EdHill says:

    “As a parent, he apparently did something right. He gave his kids to his Momma to raise since he couldn’t do it himself by himself.”

    What a hero.

  56. sg-dub says:

    Amber is a good mom too – when she smoked meth she made sure her daughter didn’t inhale the smoke!

    Vee’s logic astounds.

    Anyway y’all, welcome to MSR. Tell Dick and Daniele we said hello.

  57. DEE says:

    JB….ummmm, 2 WINNERS

  58. may says:

    Great job Ed. I would expect nothing less than a hard hitting interview from you. Those two that seemed shocked you didn’t gush over them. When Daniele said “we won” you can tell she’s planning on spending daddy’s money. But, if she took first prize, I just know she would have said “I won”.

    Thanks for a season of great recaps and interviews!

  59. Barfly says:

    I didn’t realize we should herald Dick for pawning his spawn off on his mother. Way to go Dick! Father of the year!

    I wish you would have asked him how he would feel if someone threatened and verbally harassed his own daughter the way he did poor Jen.

    And vee, I feel very justified in hating these particular players, especially Dick.

    Seriously – c**t is a staple of his vocabulary & he gets off on berating women. He’s a vile piece of garbage and it honeslty freaks me out that there are people out there defending this SOB.

  60. Julie says:

    I loved it!! Dani is a little whinning biotch!! I heard in an interview that America never went after the Donatos (Housecalls), not true…..we went after Dani!!! If everyone looks at the polls they will see how much Dani is hated!!

  61. Molly says:

    Personally I believe the Donatos played a good game. Everyone talks so bad about them but America is the one who kept them in the house. If Daniele and Dick werent there the house would have been very boring!

  62. april says:

    Great interview! This interview is the only interview that asked the questions everybody has been dying to ask them all season!

  63. hARDLY@wORK says:

    To commenter #39- that ed has no opinions of his own – its obvious that you have not spent any time on this site, because you would know that ed recaps this show and while doing show, strongly shares his opinions with us here and in the forums.

    As for the interview- JU has it linked as the best so far- so congrats ed- and expect more D&D lovers to follow and attempt to flame you. I refuse to read any more of their rehearsed interviews and Im just happy you didnt ask about their reunion and relationship or nick.

    Yes they answered all the questions, just not with responses that they hadnt already rehearsed or actually had to do with the ?s… oh nevermind. Welcome D&D lovers, please some back and visit again.

  64. Fair says:

    Yeah, JU has it linked up as the best interview so far from a D&D hater, so congrats on getting the already on-board haters to hate with you.

  65. dee says:

    Ed … Really I don’t get all the Donato bashing…they won get over it already… Your patting yourself on the back for a job well done. What did you do?. Asked a few questions that had already been asked a thousand times. Great for you. I watched the feeds and BBAD and Dick and Dani were the ones that lied the lest of all those fake ppl. I’m not saying how Dick acted was right, but on the other hand he simply used info that the other house guests told him or said. If you go on national TV and tell your “personal business” and except it to be keep a secret then your a fool. How about what Eric said about the incest? That’s about as low as you can go,or Amber bragging about how she lied to her boyfriend about killing babys and doing drugs. That was ok? I mean come on who kidding who here?

  66. Jacy says:

    What a brutal interview you gave… you were really rude to them. I can see why they were getting frustrated. Who says “Oh gotta go, gotta do another interview”… asshole. Just because they clearly didn’t like you, you just end it… Haha I think its funny they didn’t like you!

  67. Firecat says:

    Eric makes one nasty comment, and somehow that is worse than everything Dick said? Puh-leeze.

    I don’t see why anyone should have to give up the “Donato bashing” when they couldn’t give up the Jen bashing weeks after she was evicted from the house, and days after winning the money. But I guess it’s all game, right? Even though it’s over.

    And most of what he said about Jen were lies anyway, that’s why it didn’t bother her. So don’t claim they lied the least, because that is bullshit.

  68. sara says:

    The content of this interview is great. Kudos to you for asking the hard questions. However, the poor grammar makes me cringe. Please learn the difference between “your” and “you’re.” Thank you.

  69. Firecat says:

    Comment #66 – That’s the beauty of EdHill. Go read his awesome LOST recaps.

  70. Firecat says:

    Comment #65 – CBS cut the interview, can’t you read good?

  71. Julie says:

    It was nice to see that an interviewer has the nerve to ask all the questions America wants asked and answered!!

  72. Karo says:

    Good reasons for pawning your spawn off on your mom:

    1. You die.

    2. You are in a coma.

    3. You’d really rather be drinking and drugging and screwing skanks ’cause you are a ROCKER who needs to spend his money on tattoos.

    Oh wait! Not that last one! What was I thinking!!!!

    And vee? I DO judge. So do you.

  73. EdHill says:

    “How about what Eric said about the incest? That’s about as low as you can go,or Amber bragging about how she lied to her boyfriend about killing babys and doing drugs. That was ok? I mean come on who kidding who here?”

    dee, if you read our recaps, pretty much every houseguest got bashed by us at one point. Sadly I didnt get to interview Eric, Amber or Jameka, becuase I would have caleld them out on that stuff as well. I spent the last 2 months calling eric americas retard. And don’t forget our endless “god must really hate you” jokes at Amber, or Brilliantmistakes jokes about jameka praying over the Jack shack. this site mocks everyone.

    And Daneile and Dick volunteering that Amber antisemitic stuff. I almost threw Danieles “asains are soooo cheap!’ comment back at her, but it was the first question and I was hoping to at least keep it civil for the first minute or so.

  74. Bill says:

    D&D played the best game in the house this season…end of story. They 100%l deserved to win. Jameka twisted her religious beliefs when it suited her…Amber is the biggeset nut case ever to enter the house…and the rest are a bunch of hypocritical sore losers.

  75. Sara says:

    Firecat – no, thank you. There is no “beauty” in an inability to write correctly and coherently. There’s no excuse for such shoddy work. I’ll stick to the TWOP recaps, where the writers have a firm grasp on grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

  76. dahrache says:

    Thanks for the interview, Ed! I’m not sure I would have been able to keep my temper while talking to those two and listening to their ridiculous answers.

  77. Optics says:

    Excellent interview, finally someone is holding the Donatos accountable for their disgraceful arrogance and attitude.

  78. ag says:

    How can the people defending Dick (I could care less about whining Dani) ignore the fact that he threatened to rape Jen?! Is that what America is about vee? I feel pretty comfortable hating the player (Dick) and not the game. The women on here defending Dick are almost as disgusting as Dick himself.


    “As a parent, he apparently did something right. He gave his kids to his Momma to raise since he couldn’t do it himself by himself.”

    Um… vee someone sounds like a crackhead mom who may have abandoned her own kids… (ps: that “someone” is YOU)

  79. pal says:

    Finally! An interviewer who doesn’t cowtow to the two lowest beings EVER in the history of BB! I am so sick of these sugary-sweet-the-world-loves-the-Donatos interviews when they are the biggest embarrassments on the muddy face of America! GREAT job, Ed… you did us proud!

  80. Friecat says:

    Sara – Then you will be substituting grammer et al for humor & insight. Give one of those LOST recaps a glance, and if you don’t roll on the floor laughing…then by all means stick with TWOP. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. ;)

  81. Friecat says:

    Personally, I don’t think Dick deserved to win…simply because of the fact that he admitted to trying to cheat with the messages in his HOH letters. That aside, D&D did play the best game…partly because everyone else played terrible games as well, so in that regard…yeah they probably did deserve to win.

    Just because they are winners doesn’t mean other non-game issues should be ignored, let alone accepted.

  82. EdHill says:

    Bill, I agree with almost everything you said.

    D&D played the best game in the house this season.”

    They had great game play. Dicks move against Jameka at the end and ousting jess and Eric was great. I took issue with his overly vicious personal attacks and his rampant hypocrisy.

    “They 100% deserved to win.”

    They, 60% deserved to win….

    “Jameka twisted her religious beliefs when it suited her


    “Amber is the biggeset nut case ever to enter the house”


    “and the rest are a bunch of hypocritical sore losers.”

    Yes, and D&D are hypocritical sore winners.

  83. Heatercat says:

    Congratulations for being the only interviewer with courage! Amazing interview! Your logic was faultless. Only problem was, Dick and Danielle are pathologically stupid and unable to see reason through their blinding hatred of the world.

    It made me very happy to read, though.

  84. Karo says:

    Aw, Sara. EdHill’s typos are part of his charm!

  85. gir says:

    I just want to up the comment count. Woo-hoo! #78! It’s a record!

    To vee and all the other morons that posted above…don’t be so upset at EdHill. It’s not his fault that you’re stupid.

  86. Hatersaresad says:

    The Donato’s freaking ruled this game, this interview that “Ed” or whoever did was stupid. It wasn’t even a good interview. Dick was by far the most popular houseguest all season long. GET OVER IT ALREADY. It was a freaking game. This interview deserves no kudos or clapping. The interviewer seemed amatuerish and stupid. They provided all of his answers. Dani didn’t put Dick up for the same reasons she did Jen because he is her DAD AND HER ALLIANCE, why the hell would she do that??? The question was stupid, and so was the interview, but just enjoy all the undeserved props your getting from people who obviously have no idea what the hell this whole game is about.

  87. Julie says:

    Eric did a great job as America’s player! Not another person in the house could have pulled it off like he did. As far as talking down about each other, their wasn’t one player in the house that didn’t say something mean either behind backs or not. The player who said the most behind backs was without a doubt DANI!! Dick, was a disgrace of a human being BUT he deserved to win over Dani!!!! I get so sick of Dani talking about everyone…she even trys to talk about people when the game is over.

  88. Caveat says:

    That was THE BEST interview ever! You were not afraid to ask the questions that needed — and deserved — to be asked! KUDOS to you for not catering to CBS or the Donatos by asking lame softball questions. The way the calls on “House Calls” were screened, the disgusting Donatos must have thought they were actually loved by America. Even now they think they won because America liked Dick! They seem to ignore the fact that America had no choice but to vote for one of the Donatos to win since the final two consisted of ONLY Donatos. Even then that whiney, shallow brat Daniele couldn’t grasp that America and the houseguests hated her more than her dad!

  89. boomersmommy says:

    Will the reactions of the HGs, after learning that Dani wasn’t even old enough to BE a player, let alone “win” second place be known? Or about Eric coming in third with his $40,000? Has Jess wised up yet? All this and more on the next episode of “Radford Place.”

  90. boomersmommy says:

    Oh, and Ed, I’m sorry for all the times in the beginning I got on you about your grammar and spelling. After reading Sara’s comments, I realize how bitchy I really sounded. Love you, Ed, and ALL your quirks.

  91. charlotte says:

    That was the worst interview I have ever seen. You are clearly a Donato hater. What did Dani and Dick do that was as bad as Eric(americas player) incest remarks or Ambers Jew comments. Nothing you hypocrite loser.

  92. Beth says:

    Ok, if people want to call these “interviews” well, interviews, then go ahead. I see them as nothing more than someone who spends way too much time analyzing a game. What do any of you think these people were going to do in the house? Knit sweaters and sing show tunes with each other? It’s a game of manipulation, deceit and strategy. I see this blog, as I see a majority of forums- nothing more than people hiding behind a computer spewing hate about contestants in a show- so many people have spent time bashing Dick and Daniele- for their “HG bashing” yet you’re really no better. At least they had an excuse.

  93. Barfly says:

    What would be the excuse for Dick telling Jen “I hope you die a slow, horrible death”, or “I can’t wait to feel the bones in your throat crushing beneath my fingers.”??

    Just curious.

  94. EdHill says:

    “That was the worst interview I have ever seen. You are clearly a Donato hater. What did Dani and Dick do that was as bad as Eric(americas player) incest remarks or Ambers Jew comments. Nothing you hypocrite loser.”

    Sigh, another person who didn’t read our recaps….

    I suggest you start with the recap entitled “Are You There God? It’s Me, Amber” where we mock Amber mercilessly. Don’t forget to check out our Amber magazine cover.


  95. Firecat says:

    Here is Dick kinda joking about incest


    You see, Dick can get away with anything he says….everybody else must be held accountable.

  96. alitlenuty says:

    apparently noone here watched the feeds especially ed who kept getting cut off “way to go ed, way to hold your own” glad to see how many hippocrits there are and jealous people… gee wonder how you all would have played them game what a horrible season that would be.

  97. Beth says:

    LoL- do you people not yet realize that Big Brother is a GAME? Seriously- you need lives. And Barfly- when I said “bashing” I meant talking about the HGs behind their backs. I never said I agreed with everything Dick said to their faces. It worked for him. He won- stop being so bitter- it wasn’t your $550,000 the Donatos walked away with. And yes, I was a Donato fan the entire season. I was also an Eric and Jess fan. I’m just sick of idiots who don’t see the difference between reality inside the BB house- and well, reality. Get over it.

  98. GayLynn says:

    Come on ED, no matter what Dick did, did you really think Danielle was going to nominate her father? Blood is Blood, whether you are close or not. I am a woman as for the comments Dick made about Jen, what about Jen when she threaten everyone if they use the veto, she’d put there partner up. I take that threat more seriously then what Dick said to Jen. How many times have you heard people say to you “I want to kill you.” Its a ’saying’….ok haters let me have it.

  99. herbieman says:

    amazing to me how many people pick on the daughter, for what her father did. Congradulations Dani, in spite of having such an outspoken father, you made it to thge end.

  100. Firecat says:

    LOL…that was the funniest thing I read GayLynn. You’re right, Jen is the devil for her veto threat. Touche. Why didn’t I see that before? Silly me.

  101. ihime says:

    Charlotte sounds like “she likes to be abused”. Maybe she can hook up with her friend Dickhead. Cuz ya know – I only say up front what is true.

  102. Karo says:

    Wow, EdHill. 100 comments. Too bad so many of them are so idiotic.

  103. GayLynn says:

    Firecat I know your comment to me was sarcastic, I meant Jen’s threat of the veto in the context of the game was more threatening then what Dick said.

  104. ihime says:

    Firecat says:
    LOL…that was the funniest thing I read GayLynn. You’re right, Jen is the devil for her veto threat. Touche. Why didn’t I see that before? Silly me.

    Comment #99 on 09.20.07 at 3:34 pm

    LOL – who are these people and what institution did they escape from?

  105. Beyond Blond says:

    Seriously… best interview evER. It’s about time someone asked some follow-up questions to illustrate the flaws in the Donatos’ “logic.”

  106. EdHill says:


    lets assume from your name that you are a gay man (i have no idea if you are, but for the purposes of my point lets assume). If we’re playing Big Brother and I go right into your face and start screaming that you are a “pretty princess” a bunch of times, will you pat me on the back and say “good gameplay!”?

  107. Joyce says:

    Jen needs to be committed, I never saw a girl that was more disturbed then her. Dick was the best thing on that show this season.He played that game like it should be played. He will greatly be missed. I don’t think in the History of any past or future Big Brother contestants will top his performance. Way to go Dick!!!!

  108. Sara says:

    Firecat – One does not have to sacrifice humor and insight for proper grammar. Truly good recaps and interviews will have both. Neglecting either (or both) is simply lazy writing.

    EdHill – You should be aware that this interview was linked on Joker’s, aka Dick & Daniele Central. They’re rabid about defending D&D over there, so expect them to be the same here. It’s best to just ignore them and let them screech and flail about like the idiotic asses they are.

  109. GayLynn says:

    EDHill, I knew my name would come up…Yes I am a woman and that is my given name!! I was named after my mother Gail. As for someone coming to my face and yelling at me, at least I know that person didn’t like me and I would move on. Email me privately if you’d like and I’ll send you my web page ad you can see the type of person I am.

  110. jenny10girl says:

    My My I never thought a TV show would stir up such controversy! Personally, I thought Dick was funny. But that’s just my opinion. (Then again, I see a lot of these wanna-be rock stars when I go out so perhaps I am just used to it.)

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but the nasty comments are completely unneccessary.

    Ed, you know I respect your opinion, but I know you respect mine as well. You took a good angle for your interview; but you probably knew how they would answer anyways…vague and avoiding the subject at hand. Nothing new here…it was expected.

    PS I find your typo-s to be endearing. :o)

  111. ihime says:

    EdHill says:

    lets assume from youre name taht you are a gay man(i have no idea if you are, but for the purposes of my point lets assume). If we’re playing big Brother and I go right into your face and start screaming that you are a “pretty princess” a bunch of times, will you pat me on the back and say “good gameplay!”?

    Comment #105 on 09.20.07 at 3:45 pm

    But don’t threaten to put up members of my alliance, cuz I’d put a restraining order on you for that shit.

  112. Jennifer30309 says:

    Beth, like Dick and Danielle, you completely miss the point.

    Nobody here cares if Dick and Dani lie and scheme. It’s part of the game and any player would be stupid not to do that. What we hate about them is how hypocritical they are about their actions. They bash other people for being dishonest and manipulative while they did the SAME THING. If they didn’t act so self-righteous about it, nobody would care. The same goes for the Jen nomination. It’s the failure to recognize double standards and their senseless and arrogant hypocrisy (on top of being all around shitty human beings) that makes us hate D&D.
    For those hating on Ed’s grammar, it’s something we’ve grown to enjoy and lovingly mock over the years. You can disagree with the substance of what he says, but to mock his grammar is tacky and weak.

  113. ihime says:

    Joyce says:
    Jen needs to be committed, I never saw a girl that was more disturbed then her.

    Joyce is another one of those idiots that was mesmerized by Dick’s repetitive trashing of Jen.

    Joyce – either publish a list of the “tons” of supposed instances that will prove your Jen statement, or get yourself to a de-programmer.

  114. Sara says:

    Jennifer30309 – I didn’t mock his grammar. I expressed polite criticism and disappointment.

  115. boolaw says:

    Charlotte: Expressing a desire to rape people who are trapped in a house with them is certainly at least on the level with incest/antisemitic comments.

  116. Firecat says:

    I understand your point Sara, and when I first read his recaps a couple of years back I reacted more or less the same way. But I kept reading because they were really funny and great, and those are the reasons I continue.

    This goes for all the new posters here, check out some of the other recaps. They are great, and the writers here are brilliant. So much so that there is even a writer named “brilliant”….

    Interviews are meant to be tough, and people should always be held accountable for their actions. Whether it’s a game or real life, otherwise interviews would be pretty much pointless.

  117. hello says:

    That was brilliant! Haha. I loved how it ended too, “Oh my God!” I’ve been getting tired of being excited about a new interview only to see that it’s the same old typical questions. But not with this one. There should be more like this. :D

  118. Jennifer30309 says:

    Sara, you’re absolutely correct, this is nothing but polite: “However, the poor grammar makes me cringe. Please learn the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re.’”……”There is no ‘beauty’ in an inability to write correctly and coherently. There’s no excuse for such shoddy work. I’ll stick to the TWOP recaps, where the writers have a firm grasp on grammar, spelling, and punctuation.”

    My mistake.

    The recappers on this site have real jobs, even important ones, and we’re lucky for any time they can give us.

  119. EdHill says:

    Sara, it’s true, my grammar is not well (get it?). I type too fast and do the you’re/your thing all the time. Still, we have a bunch of other really funny (and grammatically perfect) writers here, so I hope you don’t let my horrific typing skills reflect on them.

  120. Firecat says:

    #116. Exactly!

    Maybe people wanted these questions asked…

    1. How is your relationship with your Daughter
    2. What will you do with the money
    3. Was it hard being in the house

    etc. etc. etc.

  121. Dave says:

    This was not an interview to gain facts or insight into the game. The sole purpose of this interview was to bash Danielle and Dick for their game play that you didn’t agree with. The other intent of this interview was get Dick and Danielle so upset that they would say something to make news and for you to be part of their story. Well for you fans, you have, but you have lessen your creditability as a reporter.

    How stupid was it to suggest that Danielle should have evicted her father. Would you have made the same comment to Eric for all the vicious comments that Jessica and his alliances made behind the other HG’s back. I don’t think so.

    To suggest that Dick didn’t go after the males in the house equally as hard as the females indicates that you only watched the CBS show and not the feeds. Dick was an equal opportunity when it came to calling out the House Guests. Could it be that that you took more offense at Dick’s behavior and the name calling of the females in the house because it’s less acceptable to the general public. BTW I didn’t like all the name calling that Dick did, but like most house guests realized it was strategic and at some level accepted it because of the votes they gave him to win the game. Even Eric said today that he was glad America wanted Dick to win the game.

    It’s okay to ask tough questions to gain facts, but why did you find it necessary to put your personal feelings into it when they didn’t provide you the answer you wanted or expected. You made this inverview personal which breaks a golden rule in being a reporter.

  122. boomersmommy says:

    For all the Dick-lovers who have invaded this site and see nothing wrong with the hatred spewed forth from him towards Jen, do this: substitute Jen’s name with Daniele, and then change the spewer to, let’s say, Zach or even Nick. How long do you think the vile would have been allowed to continue. Not only by Dickhead, but the producers, especially Allison Grodner, who for some reason, seems to be totally bonkers over Dick. Why else was he allowed to get by with so much for so long?

  123. boomersmommy says:

    Oh, one more thing, I hope Jen carries through with her threat to file for a restraining order. Even after the girl was gone from the house, Dick continued with the hate. He truely does hate her, he’s said it time and again. Jen has all the proof she needs via CBS. Go for, girl. He needs to be shut down.

  124. ag says:

    I am pretty sure that “I want to rape you til you bleed” is not a “saying”, at least not in this country. Your logic there is weak, not that you can expect much from people who like D&D.

    Also, for people saying that Dick is the bext player in history: Hello? Dr. Will was 100 times the player and even though he was manipulative (as you need to be to play the game) he was not an actual, out and out horrible asshole misogynist. Dani is so young I can’t really be mad at her. Dick is a grown ass man, and if you think his behavior is entertaining instead of abusive and out of control, you should consider getting of your couches and getting some therapy.

  125. Kiki says:

    Hmmm…isn’t it interesting that all these people have popped out of the woodwork AFTER the show is over. Where were they when the MSR’s were putting up their spot-on, hilarious, recaps?

    As a person who has been here from the beginning, I can say that these newcomers don’t have a clue who the writers are OR where they come from when recapping. We LOVE the snark…and they only write what we are all thinking at home.

    Keep it up Ed, SG-dub, and BrilliantMistake (to name a few). You rock!

  126. Jennifer30309 says:

    Dave is yet another visitor who does not have the ability to read, comprehend, or both. The point made by Ed is that if it is Danielle’s position that people who take the game to a personal level should be evicted, then that should apply across the board, including Dick. Of course Danielle isn’t going to evict Dick; that’s not what Ed was suggesting. Why was she wrong? Because the reason she nominated Jen was not because she doesn’t like people who take it to a personal level, but because she didn’t like Jen. If she’d been honest about that, or at least refrained from such self-righteousness, then there would be no problem with her nominating Jen.

    OK, I’m through dealing with all of these deluded invaders. I’ll be back when this site has calmed down some.

  127. beamer says:

    great interview! loved it!

    and thanks #94

    it’s obvious from some of the comments that these people didn’t watch the live feeds or read the recaps. from what cbs showed, you would think that Daniele was so sweet and Dick’s abusive behavior was just strategy.
    but that last week, if you were watching the live feeds, you saw how hateful those two really are. and not just in the context of the game – the game was over and they had won. that’s how they celebrated – by viciously trashing everybody else!?!

  128. Sara says:

    Jennifer 30309 – Thank you for acknowledging your mistake. I appreciate it.

    EdHill – Lest GrammarGate let my other comments get lost in the shuffle, let me state again for the record that I thoroughly enjoyed your interview. It was gratifying to finally see someone not handle D&D with kid gloves.

  129. Firecat says:

    Dave – That’s a rather conspiratorial viewpoint. And nobody is saying that Daniele should have evicted her father, the point was to illustrate the hypocrisy in her reasoning.

    It was the CBS show that made it seem Dick attacked males/females equally. That simply was not the case. When he did attack Males, it had to do with strategy. His assaults on the females had nothing to do with game most of the time.

    The funny thing is that people that support Dick are outraged by one comment Eric made, yet excuse the hundreds of comments Dick made.

  130. juxtapoeser says:

    Sara –

    “polite criticism and disappointment”??! Really? Are you ed’s mother or a his teacher?

    You may think there is not “beauty” in the errors, but in this community, it has spawned new words and phrases that you would understand and appreciate if you didn’t content on the typing. You may think it was polite, but it came across snobby and bitchy.

    As for all the comments about knowing it’s just tv and not real, I think everyone is really aware of that…the point that keeps getting missed is that all most people want is for Dick and Danielle to say “YES we lied. we said horrible things that may or may not have been true. It was our strategy and that’s why we won”.

    If they are so proud of it, why can’t they just admit it instead of acting like they were so honest?

  131. Firecat says:

    I think we can ease up on Sara, she’s cool.

  132. boomersmommy says:

    Here, Here, Kiki!!! I second that emotion!!!

  133. juxtapoeser says:

    I posted my comment before reading Sara’s comment back to Ed.

    People are posting too fast…but ok, Firecat…I’ll let the grammar commetn slide.

  134. Cindy says:

    Every interview those two give is the same. They never change from their “routine.” I’m glad to see someone ask some difficult questions and point out things they would rather not talk about. Good for you. They’re both jerks who think their crap doesn’t stink.

  135. Julie says:

    cannot believe some of you people have the audasity to justify Dick’s actions. The things he said to Jenn, Jemeka, Amber, Zack,Dustin, and yes Eric……are replusive!! A lot are taking a comment or two from one of the hgs and have the nerve to compare it to the way Dick treated several HG’s the whole 3 months. The things he said to Jenn were pure satanic!! Dani is just as mean but behind everyone’s backs. She said replusive things about Jenn and AMber. IN fact after Jenn was sent home she brought her name up every hour. Give me a damn break about one or two comments from AMber or Eric etc..not excusing it at all but please PEOPLE!!

  136. EdHill says:

    People. people. No need to bash the Donato fans. Im glad they are here so we can debate it. Perhaps someone should start a thread in our forums to continue the donato debate?

  137. sg-dub says:

    As a founder of this site, I welcome all the Donato fans. This is what every little blogger wishes for. I don’t know why I’m commenting because we know no one reads this stuff after 100… but regardless…

    Some points:

    None of us are “interviewers.”
    None of us are “reporters.”
    None of us get paid a dime to write for MSR.
    Grammar and punctuation are a concern for the 5 other writers here.
    TWOP is owned by Bravo.
    We are not owned by a corporation – several of us having previously written for a site that was bought by a corporation, I can assure you that we have far more freedom here.

    (**Note to corporations: Interested?)

    But… we are all really pretty fricking funny. Poke around. Relax. Enjoy yourselves… Life isn’t all about loving or hating two losers who had 3 months to waste on a wacky reality show.

    It’s about mocking the Food Network. Lost. TAR. Heroes. ANTM. Full House. AI. On and on… I wouldn’t even know where to begin with where to point you. But you’re missing some funny shit if you just hit and run these comments.


  138. Jennifer30309 says:

    I’ll ditto #132. Plus, this comment “Jennifer 30309 – Thank you for acknowledging your mistake. I appreciate it” made me nostalgic for Jen, which is an excellent way to get into my good graces.

  139. Querlvox says:

    Wow, D&D really owned you in that interview. They rock. Donato-haters, take your blinders off for once.

  140. tulip says:

    although dick and daniele clearly did something right (they did win after all). i really have to say that dick would have been toast in whatever week it was, if america hadn’t forced eric to campaign against and evict dustin. even dick realized that when he heard about americas player. and without dick to berate every person in the house for her non-personal “strategy” daniele would have been evicted soon, if not immediately, after her father. so…yeah, they won. but maybe not for the 100% great gameplay that they claim. and yeah, they still suck.

  141. Firecat says:

    The only time EdHill was “owned” was by a Vegas hooker after on too many smirnoffs. He has the rash to prove this. But it was in the name of official MSR business…so it’s totally cool.

  142. IgnorantBliss says:


    I’m reading the comments past 100 – and I literaly laughed out loud (at work) when I read your post #136… which you have since edited!!!! Damn, you, sg-dub. Your original welcome message was much funnier.

  143. SpecialK says:

    Seriously, the MSR writers are very funny. They aren’t reporters or journalist – they have real jobs and they are absolutely hilarious. You should check them out while you are here. I’m just sayin’…

  144. juxtapoeser says:

    Oh, sg-dub….i totally heart you.

  145. zoobabe says:

    wow! So many comments! Great interview Ed- I LOVED it!

    to Dave #121- yes, Eric DID say that he was glad the AP voters wanted Dick to win, BUT that was when there was only him and Dani left. Don’t forget that not only did he tell Dick that he would have voted him out the week that Dustin left if he had not been forced to vote for Dustin by America, but he turned to Dustin at the finale and confirmed as much. America kept Dick in the game, and Eric did their bidding. Dick is an asshole (a rich one now albeit) but he is not a man I’d be proud to call dad. Since I had the power to award him a huge sum of money, I think I have every right to judge him as well as his cheating, disrepectful bandana-loving daughter.

  146. Gruffydd says:

    EdHill – You da’ MAN! Great interview! You should have been in the house (are you the same EdHill that writes Lost recaps??)

  147. EdHill says:

    Gruffydd, yep thats me. A bunch of writers left TVgasm and started our own little venture over here. Where ya been? Check out my Lost recaps here:


  148. Firecat says:

    Gruffydd – Yes, this is the same EdHill of LOST recap fame.

  149. Gruffydd says:

    I’ve gotta lotta recaps to read after finding this site! Thanks!

  150. honeybunny says:

    I have nothing really to say.
    Just wanted to be included in the history making comments section.

    Oh I did like #134. Julie’s spelling of audacity (odasity)was soooo edhillian. Girl! You fit right in here!


  151. hARDLY@wORK says:

    oh my rob – this is fun. I want to know what sg-dub’s original welcome was. The funniest thing Ive read was edhill losing his credibility as a reporter- hahahahhaha.

  152. daisygirl5 says:

    HB – I have nothing to say either. Except that I LOVE this sight! This place ROCKS!!1 Ed, SG-dub and all the “regulars”….you people crack me up! Keep ‘em coming!!

  153. daisygirl5 says:

    I, too, would like to know what the orginal comment was!!!

  154. sg-dub says:

    oh it was nothing.

    Let’s reach common ground: We all hate Cappy, right?

  155. mrmac says:

    First, I have to say that I liked Dick as a game player on BB8. Do I excuse some of his tactics, no. Were his tactics effective, you better believe it.

    Dick played a good strategic game and Dani’s PoV wins were huge. With that said, I think the Donato’s are going to be in for a rude awakening on how influential the America’s Player votes were for them to make it to the final two.

    Mr. Hill…as far as your questions, I would rather someone ask the tough questions instead of lobbing softballs. It keeps people honest.

  156. gir says:

    Whee! This is the most action this site has had all summer!

    I welcome all the new people and hope they stick around to join in the fun in our forums. We don’t bite…I promise…

  157. IgnorantBliss says:

    Yes, we do, gir!

    At least, I do… and usually the recipient loves it!

  158. subgenre says:

    As someone who followed the hilarious writers of MSR from the corporate owned blog from whence they came, I can fully attest to the outstanding quality of their humor, intelligence and snarkiness. I have not read any other interviews with the Doucheatos because, frankly they sicken me; however, big kudos to EdHill for his hard-hitting journalistic approach to giving the smackdown to these two idiots. EdHill = the next Katie Couric, with better hair.

  159. Boop says:

    Way to pimp the site, ya’ll :)

  160. zevonia says:

    sg-dub, I also continue reading after 100 comments and don’t you dare sell this site to a corporation! That is precisely why I don’t visit TOS anymore. It’s okay, I know you’re kidding- at least you’d better be!

    EdHill, I also loved the interview, thanks for trying. I’m sorry so many people do not grasp the logic you tried to use with Dani and her reasons for voting out Jen. Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s them.

    One good thing you can say about all the comments- at least The Svan hasn’t shown up!

  161. mountain_girl says:

    Sara – I have to stick up for Ed…”kid gloves” is spelled with two d’s ;) Although his grammar is bad, it really does become endearing. Start with LOST, they’re genius.

    Sg-dub – I heart you too. And, yes, we will always hate Crappy!

    EdHill – I thought it was a great interview. If nothing else, feel proud that you’ve created this type of fervor over it.

  162. ELLIE ANDREWS says:

    thank you for an unbiased report……….”but you don’t understand.” I saw this girl use that ” I am not my Dad,” with tears even and then immediately smirk in the Dr and say ” it was just strategic.” the ice tea and even Nick swearing yelling at Jen, for little Dani….she smriks……”honestly, it’s sooo hard, you don’t understand, it’s so frustrating……..ugh. both of them, just ugh!

  163. Pat says:

    Just wanted to add my two cents here. I hope you all don’t think that just Dick and Daniele were bashing the HGs behind their backs these last few days; though they had so little common ground and nothing else to do that it was easy for them to fall into that trap I’m sure. But I digress: Unfortunately we saw so little of the sequester house, but I’m sure the jury members were talking as much or more crap about Dick, Daniele and the other evicted HGs. I mean really!

    Secondly, while I am a Dick fan, I agree that he went way over the line in many hateful and volatile things he said, and those comments are really indefensible. But, just because he said MORE things than others does not let Eric, Dustin and Amber off the hook. They said horrible things too. And not because they were being influenced by Dick’s comments, they most certainly also crossed lines by themselves. Their comments also are indefensible.

  164. Jennifer30309 says:

    I haven’t seen anyone defending Eric, Dustin and Amber’s comments.

  165. mmagruder says:

    Yeah, Dick and Danielle are fortunate that America loves a good train wreck, because if not for America’s Player, they would never have gone the distance. I really think Eric would have gotten them out early on. Too bad D&D are too blinded by ego to acknowledge that the win really wasn’t their own doing.

  166. Bobbie says:

    And can we just consider for a moment, please, the degree to which America–like a nation of drunken 17 year olds–got such a hard on at the notion that they would get a vote via Eric that they dicked with the game…thereby assisting in the positioning of the Dick and its squirt in an unassailable position. People, I know drunken 17 year olds, maybe as well as Dick must. If this season weren’t lame enough through its *interstingly seriously stoopid* cast, stealing the game of the only guy in who HAD game to begin with was just RUDE. As much as I hate the Donatos, I’m hereby calling for some vitrol (that’s foaming-hot hatred, for those of you who came on by today with your eigth-grade educations) to be heaped upon CBS for messing with an already-befouled game.

  167. Gerald says:

    What a bunch of lunacy.Was this guy(the interviewer) on drugs while this was happening.What an Amber of a guy. Stupid guy and stupid website

  168. evel Tee says:

    Ed…you are a dick, sir, and maybe you should learn how to (spell) type “Mo Bettah” (As Jameeeeka would say)

  169. D&Darehypocrites says:

    FINALLY, someone calls these two phony baloney twits on their lies and hypocrisy. I have been waiting for this type of interview since the show ended. I must say JU is horrible right now with the D/D kiss ass fest. I didn’t participate and have been banned twice in the last two weeks — second time earlier today. I am sick of the biased crap on that board, but they do have great media. Anyways, I loved the interview, and who cares about grammar. It shows you are getting to the D/D fans when they pick on that kind of petty crap. I just hope D/D don’t EVER end up on tv again. I am shocked that the winners of the show are the most bitter individuals. That is scary. D/D money won’t buy you class and as referenced by your interviews, it can’t buy you happiness either.

  170. Pat says:

    I certainly agree with Bobbie. I don’t think America should have any influence in that house at all. Eric undoubtedly was a good gamer as well, though we’ll never truly know if he was truly throwing most of the competitions or if he truly was lame. We also will never know if he or others could have gotten the Donatos out absent AP. You can’t discount their ability to win HOH and POV when it was needed. You also can’t discount Dick’s ability to persuade others to align with them when necessary and I’m not so sure Eric wouldn’t still have taken that deal for the JEDD alliance. There are so many complaints and accusations that can and should be made about CBS, where do you start?

    And Jennifer, while perhaps no one is defending Dustin, Eric and Amber for their comments, most certainly do not seem to be as incensed as they are about Dick and Daniele. As has been said earlier in this thread about the Donatos, you likewise can’t have it both ways, right? Criticism of bad behavior and truly ugly and disgusting verbal filth can be heaped on more than just the Donatos. That was my point.

  171. Lizardqueen says:

    First Bitches!!!!!

  172. Julie says:

    166~r u DICK? lol

  173. erika says:

    seriously, EDHill, you’re pretty much fucking amazing. Way to not only ask awesome questions that people actually want answers to, but to be persistent and not let those idiots get away without fully answering/ trying to bullshit their way through. awesome interview! best so far!

  174. notsomuch says:

    I think that most people watching BB8 are forgetting the most important factor – this is a game.
    Dick and Danny kicked butt – Dustin (and Eric) made some very gross statements about several of the other housemates, but never said them to their face like Dick did. Eric did a good job of doing what America told him to do – Zack floated around sniffing everybody’s butt until the end when he finally decided (too late) what his game should be – Jen must have LOVED Dick’s abuse because she followed him around like a puppy dog waiting to be kicked – Jess won a few comps but waited for everyone else to tell her what to do – Amber was a real waste – Jemeca spent too much time making sure everyone saw her praying for God to take over the game when EVERYONE know He has some much more important things to do than help her with a stupid game (and I think she should be ashamed).
    Dick and Danny always knew they were playing a game, trying to win the game and knowing when to make the important moves. Dick’s tactics were very offensive but it was HIS game. Danny whined way to much but you have to give her credit for winning the comps! Of all the these people, I think they played the best GAME!

  175. honeybunny says:

    “Dustin (and Eric) made some very gross statements about several of the other housemates, but never said them to their face like Dick did.” (#172)
    Yea! Dustin (and Eric) have what is called manners.


  176. boomersmommy says:

    Bet you never thought you’d stir up this much of a hornet’s nest, did ya, Ed?

  177. Chris says:

    Great interview, Ed! It’s amazing how unlikeable Daniele is as a person and while her father can be just as off-putting, she is the one who seems to have few (if any) redeeming qualities. He shows some humility. She shows none. He expresses love for her. She expresses a concern for herself. The tone of her answers in this interview EXACTLY mirrors the snotty tone of her conversations that live feeders had to endure. Allison Grodner blew it. She didn’t choose the right person to try and make America’s Sweetheart.

  178. Bobbie says:

    Um…Hello? Is anybody out there? What happened to my favorite (long!) postings list that was approaching 400 when last I looked? I don’t want to start anything here, but I will miss it…

  179. J.M.T. says:

    Firecat, You are delusional! Nobody went to a personal level against Dani??? For JUST ONE example, Jen did EXACTLY that hence the TEA over her head by E.D.! Jen took it to a personal level AGAINST Dani re Dani’s relationship w/ Nick & her BF outside the house.

    BTW, it’s not E.D.’s fault that the most annoying ppl in the house this time were women…in the past it has been the men but not in the case of BB8.

    But the dumbest question award goes to the question of “…why wouldn’t you nominate your father…” Dumb, Dumb, Dumb. I don’t much care for Dani (mostly but not the only reason being…for the way she treats her Dad) but PLEASE w/ that question.

    Also everybody needs to remember there is a difference between out-and-out lies vs deception & a difference between lies vs changing one’s mind/strategy.

    Also, not only do I think E.D. was the right winner of BB8 BUT ALSO the WINNER (w/ him, DD & EdHill as nominees) in this interview!

    Okay fine, Jen isn’t self-absorbed…she’s just obsessed w/ the personal pronoun “I”!

    Claire, Are you on drugs or just have a faulty memory? Dani DID NOT win the ACTUAL final AP vote…the ACTUAL final AP vote went to E.D.! Now, if you are referencing the last one w/ Eric STILL in the house…don’t forget we don’t know how close that vote was to have Eric try & nom Dani AND there was less than 5 MINUTES available to vote on that when usually there are several hours available to vote & on that nom vote for 5 minutes, IMHO, mostly only text voters got to vote on that b/c when I went to vote on that via the Internet the site wasn’t working well (at least for me) & I for one didn’t actually get to vote on that b/c of the site status.

    P.S. Also, spell-check is a terrible thing to waste! ;)- I.E. Users can get one here http://www.iespell.com./

  180. EdHill says:

    For some reason we lost the post and had to restore a backup. I am trying to slowly restore the comments the way they were but I might not get all 350. If anyone has a cache they can send my way id apprecaite it. from now on Ill do daily backups that include comments.

  181. A.B.D says:

    Both are full of crap

  182. Bobbie says:

    Thanks, Ed–I was/am getting all misty-eyed at the thought of this piece of history being lost and gone forever…It really was a party, wasn’t it?, even when it got too ridiculous. Then, after, BECAUSE it got so ridiculous. Then, finally, ’cause it seemed to become a living, breathing thing. Good times.

  183. Ms. Tumnus says:

    Alls I knows is that I was no. 350. Booyah!

    I’d do that for a dollar

  184. B-Side says:

    I’ve been traveling in Europe for the past 8 days, and I must say, getting to read this interview was WELL worth the wait for Wifi. Now I can enjoy Berlin knowing that someone finally confronted Dick and Daniele about their behavior (and yet they are still annoyingly delusional about it. Sigh).

  185. Bobbie says:

    But B-Side, does that mean you missed the record-breaking near-400 comments?! Awful! Tragic, even!

  186. brilliantmistake says:

    “I’ve been traveling in Europe”

    Puh-lease. Rehab is in, b-side, you don’t have to lie. How is Lindsey?

  187. SpecialK says:

    Good one, Brill!

  188. Firecat says:

    Um, JMT. I used the word “everyone”…Daniele claimed that almost every single person in the house attacked her on a personal level, I said that was more true for Jen. I stand by my statement.

  189. Cheryl Y says:

    This was the craziest season of BB. Janelle should have won BB6 and/or 7.

    Eric had to listen to some idiots this year. People who love action and violence. Was that YOU?? Did you vote to keep Dick? I didn’t vote that way. I did like watching Dick at first, … then he got really awful. Then, later, not too bad again, off and on, … I did want him to win rather than Daniele.

    Finding out that when HouseGuests are in the diary room … they give them ideas about others. Make them question their allies.

    This year ….. Eric got screwed. With him, Jessica, Dustin, Jameka, and Amber, all got screwed.

    First off, when Eric was asked to be AP … if he had said no … would he be able to play?? He would have been sent home. Sooo … something he has wanted to do for years …. be AP or go home?? What would you have done????? Don’t lie … you would have done it.

    The game would have been different. Dick and Daniele would have been gone weeks before. Damnit Dustin for saying you would be put up beside Dick. Dick would have left.

    How many people really wanted Dick or Daniele to win?? Sure … Dick was fun to watch. Daniele not. All she did was complain. Complain about being in the house, the people, … ‘I’m over this.’ ‘Let me go home’ …. said for weeks. Didn’t totally participate in the fun games they played at night. I think it hurt her the one night she had to get up out of her chair to partake in the game. Dick was fun to watch.

    I laughed soo much watching the quarter game that night they made rules. When Dick had to go up to Jen’s pic, and then Zach up to Nick’s. Was annoyed Eric had to put finger in nose. But what a good sport he was for anything thrown his way. Jameka was so funny. I love the way she is. People who only see the TV shows didn’t see how fun she can be. Zach and Amber had a tough time that game … but was funny for us and them in the end.

    It bugs me that when people see the TV shows and judge what they are shown. Edited version. What the producers want to show. Was not right that all they showed of Jameka was talking to God. What I saw of her was a fun, funny person. Shame on you producers for portraying her the way you did. Should show more of what is real. The night Jen stole Dick’s cigarettes ….. that was all out of sequence. The real thing would have been good. I remember watching Jen jump on and destroy the smokes, throw in garbage, then ran into the diary room. Then, later Dick went to check for his smokes … found gone … then they started looking for Jen’s stuff. Found, and Dick hid up in HOH room. Then, later Jen came outside eating. Dick liked to say she came and sat down beside him and got smoke blown at her …. but he went and sat down with smoke to bug her. (I am a smoker) ….. I thought he was far enough away ….. but … he blew it at her. Was rude, and she was in the mood for something. He knew that. Was not shown properly on TV.

    Anyways … I think Eric got screwed by America, also, Jessica, Jameka, Dustin, and Amber.
    Dick would have been gone instead of Dustin. And Daniele next.
    I don’t suppose anything will be done about that?

    Nowww ….. does anyone know how Eric and Jess are doing? They were such a cute couple to watch. I hope all goes well for them .. together or apart. Loved watching both.
    Daniele?? … is she with Nick or her b/f?? Did he dump her?

    Also, the feeds were not that great sometimes. Why do I have to watch one person in the bathroom on all 4 screens? Or 2 of someone and 2 of another … doing nothing ….. but there are others I would like to see. Why can’t there be more choice??

  190. Bobbie says:

    Wow. Just wow.

    Hey! C’mon guys! We’re almost [back] to 100! We can do it; I just KNOW we can!

  191. Bobbie says:

    Ooo! These hyper-jumps are cool! I just went from #95 to #119 in a nonce. Wheeee!

    Hey, what say we keep this as the thread we love to play in? Like, forever? We could form our own little “Midseasonreplacement Nation,” and divide up into teams and fight for class distinctions and we’d even let the guys choke the chickens so we could have protein–rumored to run at 600 calories of pure protein/tbs!
    Well, it’s just a modest proposal…

  192. Bobbie says:

    Hey! Not fair! The numbers are shifting as I type! I’m getting a bit vertiginous here; watch it!

  193. zoobabe says:

    “vertiginous” is a nice word Bobbie. I want to be on your team.

  194. Things I’m Currently Happy About « Hours and Hours Staring at Oceans says:

    [...] a Relationship’.  See?  Big Brother can have a happy ending sometimes.  God knows the Donatos going all bittercakes in the wake of their win is not [...]

  195. teach says:

    Your interview was good; they are jerks and assholes — so we can’t possibly expect them to give honest answers. I was highly offended by his behavior,and thought he should have been kicked off. What does it take for CBS to bump people off the show? I even wrote to them
    (of course I didn’t receive a response). Just think, Jen got a penalty vote for EATING!!! but dick didn’t for his behavior. I quit watching before the last few weeks. I could get answers on line, and I didn’t subject myself to his disgusting treatment.
    What I really am afraid of now, is that every person next year will imitate him because he won. The show will be unwatchable.
    I have to say that I did not like Jen in the beginning, but she completely won me over! And when Jameka argued with him and gave it right back, I loved it. Especially when she just kept clapping her hands in his face. And when she turned and said, “your mama!” I laughed out loud!! She gave him the dozens. lol
    Thanks for an honest interview. I also noticed that they did not get the kind of tv interviews that past winners got….gee, do you think they didn’t want any part of them…hmmmmm? Yep!

  196. mike says:

    Dani is exactly like her dad. Did you see where she says “period end of story”? Thats the line Dick uses all the time. Its basically saying the only opinion that matters is my opinion so shut up. She is a chip off the old nasty disgusting Dick Donato block.

    I think the person that actually won BB8 was Zach because he didnt have his relatives playing for him nor Eric being forced to play for him.

    I think the biggest winner was Dani’s ex boyfriend Chris. Now he can see Danis true colors. That she is a nasty dishonest cheater.

  197. teach says:

    All i can say is you are completely right!
    But I also think they were in on it together from the get-go. I think they fooled the cbs producers.

  198. justyourillusion says:

    fantastic interview =] i’m so glad that dick and dickele finally got questioned about their blatant hypocrisy. it’s unfortunate that I just found this site after the show had ended, because it really is the greatest. i’ll definitely be sticking around for the updates on all my other reality show addictions =D

  199. Ireneusz says:

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