Midseasonreplacements Interviews Jessie…. Respectfully

midseasonreplacements: Hey. How are you?

Jessie: Not too bad. What’s going on?

midseasonreplacements: Nothing. This is Ed from midseasonreplacements. So first, people want to know … you were targeted pretty early on. In week two before you won HOH, when Jerry nominated you the first week, you really kind of came out from under the shadows feat to win HOH, and now just a few weeks alter here you are getting kicked out. Where do you think it went wrong?

Jessie: Umm, where America chose to vote me out. Otherwise I would still be in the game.

midseasonreplacements: Why do you think America did that? Do you think it was the editing?

Jessie: I don’t know whether it was the editing. I would more so say that initially if you break it down and just think logically, I’m one person. It’s beneficial for me, my family, friends, and fans to vote for me to stay in the house. As opposed to Memphis, Keesha, Libra, Renny, all their friends, family, and fans voting to keep Memphis in, and voting for Dan to keep Memphis in as opposed to keeping my staying in myself. I don’t think the friends and family of everybody else would call in just to help me out, if that makes sense to you. It makes perfectly logical sense to me.

midseasonreplacements: Dan said early in the game that he would not sacrifice his word for $500,000.

Jessie: Yep.

midseasonreplacements: But now he pretty clearly did. Do you think him being America’s player was any kind of excuse, or did it change your opinion of him?bb10072208l.jpg

Jessie: Dan is definitely going to try hiding behind the sole fact that he is America’s player, but again he had the decision. I don’t know if he got paid an extra whatever to vote that way. Initially, I think America actually worsened his chances to winning that money because he went back on his word to four other people. He has four other people in his corner right now, as of right now, but once one of them goes out this week, the tales have turned. If one of the three others wins HOH next week, he’ll probably be the one going out the door, because of his actions, because America told him to do something, as opposed to thinking for himself. That’s what I did the whole game. I thought for myself, I fought for myself. Like you said, I was an underdog in week one. Week two- I was the underdog and I won. I thought that that was the only time that I thought I was safe. That’s very apparent and that’s it in a nutshell.

midseasonreplacements: What are the values that you took into the game? How were you going to play it going in and how did it change after you got in there?

Jessie: I went in there with respect for myself, family. At the end of the day all you have is your name, initially. If you do anything to shame or disgrace that, you’re bringing shame not only to yourself but to your family and your friends. How I judged everybody else, or how I accepted everybody else, was the thing that they said that they already accomplished in life, what they actually talk about, what they are proud of talking about, their goals, their accomplishments, the things that they plan on doing, how close they are to doing them already, the other goals that they have for long term. And it’s very apparent when I aligned myself with the people that I did, they all had goals or were strong comp, in a different sense, either physically or mentally on top of it. So that’s why I aligned myself with the people that I did.

midseasonreplacements: Renny has constantly said that she thought you were the most disrespectful person she’s ever met. You kind of made a point that you try not to do that. What do you say to her?

Jessie: Initially she didn’t have her medication the first week. She swore on the bible supposedly, I don’t know if that happened, but everybody told me so …

midseasonreplacements: What do you mean, “medication”?

Jessie: I don’t know. Apparently she wasn’t on medication week one. That’s why her outbursts, her actions and everything she said was on everyone’s last nerve. And because of me winning POV, and me taking myself off. If I wouldn’t have, she would’ve been going out the door. I don’t think she understands that, or again, if she is oblivious to that fact. But regardless, all the people she is now aligning herself with didn’t even start talking to her until this week, or prior to this week, just last week, about actually game strategy because they still thought or labeled her the “crazy person”. bb10072208j.jpgPoint in case, she came in the house, she had her actions. She was disrespectful towards me. Initially that’s why I had to stand up for myself which I would do outside of the house. That’s me staying consistent again. If my standing up for myself is “disrespectful,” so be it, but initially sleep is important to me as I’m sure it is to you, and that’s why I did what I did. Again, if that’s disrespectful, and if she wants to apologize after she said “What? What?” It’d be like her going up to your car with a baseball bat and smashing your windshield, and you go, “What did you do that for? Why did you do that?” And her going “What? What are you talking about?” Because initially that’s what she did at first, and then she sat there until she finally apologized. So now she said, “Oh, I’m sorry for just smashing out your front windshield.” So you’re just supposed to expect that that is supposed to matter. So she just smashed out your front windshield. And she apologized, granted, but whether or not that was loaded with sincerity is a different questions.

midseasonreplacements: Right, now…

Jessie:Again, if she would’ve apologized the very next morning and been “you know I really am sorry and yadda, yadda..” that would’ve been an apology. She would have thought about she did, she understood what she did was wrong. And she apologized for the right reasons, as opposed to doing it just because I was there and I wasn’t leaving. So when she said “Oh, I apologized. I apologized.” That was not an apology.

midseasonreplacements: OK. Now, the Libra, Keesha, Renny alliance. Their exit interviews were really pretty nasty to you. Do you know here that’s coming from? Did you expect that?

Jessie: Again, these are people that I could care less about in life because if their actions. I don’t know exactly how to put it but it’s apparent how Libra’s playing the game. It’s very apparent that someone else is thinking for Keesha and it’s very apparent that Renny has nobody else besides those two so she has to stick by them, even though she sees how Libra cuts down, degrades, and demoralizes anybody and everybody in her path and then does the smoke and mirrors technique to deflect all the attention she just brought to herself and point it at everybody else. Hence, again, the conversation where I overheard them after they woke me up. Afterwards, I went up to Ollie and April and told them. After I specifically said two names, then it became “Oh yeah, he’s saying stuff about Renny. Oh yeah, he’s saying stuff about Jerry. Oh yeah, He’s saying stuff about Memphis.” Perfect example of Libra being herself and pointing the finger at me and saying “I brought everyone else in” so everyone is mad at me, when I specifically told April and Ollie two names. They were both there. It’s on tape, so they are the ones that were caught in a lie. They are the ones that are trying to point the finger at me…

midseasonreplacements: Right. Who do you…

Jessie: My mentality of irrational thinking process people that I was in the house with. Perfect example.

midseasonreplacements: Who do you think is running that alliance?

Jessie: Again, the tip of the arrow is Libra, because Keesha can’t think for herself. She’s very easily persuaded by Libra, and Renny is just following suit because she’s buddy-buddy qwith Keesha.

midseasonreplacements: OK. You even said that Libra was the “most deviant person in the house.” What’s the freakiest thing you’ve ever seen her do?

Jessie: Oh god, man. You want hearsay off of stories or what I’ve actually seen her do?

midseasonreplacements: Well, why don’t we just do both and separate them into categories.bb10072208n.jpg

Jessie: To be honest with you, I really don’t want to say it over the phone or in person again to reiterate what I actually saw her do. After she came out of the shower with Steven, when he was still in the house … I don’t know if they caught that on tape. I’m sure they did, but I’m sure they didn’t air it because of … how grotesque it was. Point being, I’m not even going to bring that up. Steven knows what happened. Steven deep down knows what really happened. Whether or not Libra wants to face the music or not, different story.

midseasonreplacements: Umm, ok. Well. Who do you want to win it all?

Jessie: Michelle.

midseasonreplacements: OK, great. Thanks, man.

Jessie: Thanks.

End note:When I asked Jessie the “deviant” question, I was kind of confused at his answer because the question was basically a way for me to goof on the fact that he constantly said “deviant” when he meant “devious”. So I was expecting a random run of the mill “She’s a liar” answer, as opposed to the one I got. Feed watchers, do you have any idea what he’s talking about here, or is this just smack talk?

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69 responses to “Midseasonreplacements Interviews Jessie…. Respectfully”

  1. Firecat says:

    Breaking news – He might have actually meant “deviant”…wow.

    I still don’t get how saving himself from the block the first week turned into saving Renny.

    “It makes perfectly logical sense to me.”

    LOL. Awesome.

  2. Jennifer30309 says:

    No you didn’t!! I love you EdHill!!!!
    “you really kind of came out from under the shadows feat to win HOH”

  3. Jennifer30309 says:

    OK, Ed, now you’re just making this up:

    “My mentality of irrational thinking process people that I was in the house with. Perfect example.”

  4. Ms. Tumnus says:

    At first, he seems like a few eggs short of a deck, initially. Point in case, “My mentality of irrational thinking process people that I was in the house with. Perfect example.”

    I’m so confused. Initially, of course.

    and I have no idea what “deviant” thing he’s talking about, initially.

  5. jae13 says:

    Jessie: My mentality of irrational thinking process people that I was in the house with. Perfect example.


  6. Ms. Tumnus says:

    Jinx Jennifer######

  7. NYShedevil says:

    Point in case, whatdafuck is he talking about?

    He keeps changing his story about Renny. First he’s angry that she didn’t apologize RIGHT AWAY (when she did), now he’s angry because she didn’t take the time to THINK about her apology??

    That answer about being voted out by America made my head swim!

  8. sg-dub says:

    EdHill & Jessie Godderz…

    Did I just step into a story typed by an eight-year-old Thomas Pynchon?

  9. NYShedevil says:

    Jessie on “House Calls” … Jessie-isms and rationalizing are ABUNDANT!!! Ed’s “car bashing” answer gets re-told …. and thrown back in his face!! Yeah, Gretchen.

    Nice job, Ed! Next time just hit us all in the head with a hammer, it takes less creativity and time!

  10. Bobbie says:

    Thanks for taking my question–and I’m as flummoxed as the next guy as to what he means in response…Well, suffice to say, your hafta ask Libra what she did to/with Steven when/if she gets ousted, right? I smell a scoop!

  11. Barfly says:

    Did he seriously compare Renny waking him up to someone taking a baseball bat to a car?

  12. brilliantmistake says:

    “came out from under the shadows feat”

    You’re my hero for that, Ed.

    “My mentality of irrational thinking process people that I was in the house with.”

    I’ll miss you, tiny dancer.

  13. Carolyn says:

    Ed, You are to be commended, and I mean that with every “deviant” bone in my body.

  14. honeybunny says:

    I do recall Steven regaling Libra, Renny and Keesha with stories of his old southern uncle – Colonel Lingus.
    Is that deviant?


  15. honeybunny says:

    oh – any why is the interview posted twice?
    Instant replay?


  16. plethLaura says:

    “At the end of the day all you have is your name, initially.”

    America sucks!

  17. copygodd says:

    actually, “My mentality of irrational thinking process people that I was in the house with. Perfect example.” is a perfect example.

    or would that be ironically? alanis? alanis?

  18. T-Bag says:

    My favorite part is how he thinks that he got voted out because, like, 10 people voted in the poll, and his family just got outvoted by the rest of the housemates’ families. He just ignores the millions of other votes. But that makes perfectly logical sense to him.

  19. brilliantmistake says:

    Argh! The replay is my bad. Ed asked me to fix some typos, and WordPress was disrespecting me like Renny bashing in my windshield with a baseball bat.


  20. honeybunny says:

    wait — edhill asked to fix typos?


  21. ltcmek says:

    Yeah, Jessie, you got voted out because you got outvoted.

    Makes perfect sense to me ….. NOT!

  22. TaTa says:

    Is this kidding me. I heard him on housecalls today & I thought he might have been just tired. But OMG reading that was like taking a baseball bat to my head & bashing it in. I really disliked him in the house, but sometimes that changes when they get out. Not him he just continues to prove how much of an idiot he is. There was not one complete thought in that interview I amnot sure how you made it through with out just stopping him and asking WTF dude. Jessie you would voted out because you did nothing but lie and act like it wasn’t. This game is about getting to the end but a real man would own up to what he was really doing. Not judge other people when you ere worse. I heard the convo he continues to talk about the one he ran up & told A/O but the problem was he did lie about what was said. This guy makes me sick Iam glad he is off so now I don’t have to listen to his voice.

  23. zoobabe says:

    I thought that EdHillian typing was confusing, but Jessie logic just trumped that! Thank God that you didn’t ask him to do word association Ed!

  24. LovesMeSomeDick says:

    That was hilarious and confirmed everything I ever suspected about this douchenozzle. Off to watch Housecalls, now, while I still have the giggles lol Thanks for keeping it real, Ed!

    Jessie, I know that your gigantic ego requires you to read this interview and every comment, so I’ll try to keep it simple for you: Respect must be earned, and you are the one that needs to earn it.

  25. dsc805 says:

    Honeybunny, is that you?

  26. NYSheDevil says:

    Honeybunny, is that you?


    No, I believe Honeybunny’s alter ego is: LovesMeSomePROFESSIONALDick

    Thank you very much!

  27. jennilicious says:

    wow..just, wow. I had a couple of drinks with my dinner and I felt really dumb reading this because I had to re-read poor little-I mean poor behemoth-backed Jessie’s answers to try to understand them. But nobody understood them!! I love this interview.

  28. sugarshane says:

    Any chance we can get this guy to start writing a guest column? Can you imagine his takes on Project Runway and Rock of Love? It would be deviant!

  29. EdHill says:

    Just to add my own two cents.

    It was the weirdest interview I’ve ever conducted. At first I almost felt bad for the guy as his tone of voice was very dejected and sad. And as much as people now are goofing on the guy, I still think he was the best thing in that house. Unlike Dick from last season, who I truly thought was just an awful person, and it showed in my interview with him, Jessie was the houseguest you “love to hate”. Meaning, he was just so much fun to watch. His arrogance, obliviousness and most of all, his indecipherable Jessiespeak, was just so entertaining. I still can’t believe America wanted him out. But then again this is also the same America that wanted my Jen out, so I guess me and America just don’t see eye to eye on this show.

    Unfortunately since I’m given such a short window of time to talk to him, I had to try and cut him off as he would just go on these long metaphorical rants that made no sense. The whole windshield smashing metaphor was just so rambling confusing and wrong I didn’t want to waste what time I had calling him out on it. When you get a ten minute interview you have to pick your battles. In my contentious Dick and Danielle interview, I got to call them out on only 1/10 of the bullshit that I wanted to because my time ran out. What I need is a good half hour with these people. But CBS is gracious enough to give me 10 minutes, so I can’t’ complain. Maybe I’ll just wander into the Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood, since that is where all the washed up realty stars hang out. It’s the Ship of Fools for reality stars (see Jessie, that’s a metaphor that actually makes sense!)

    I went in knowing I was going to totally goof on the guy because I knew he wouldn’t get it. Telling him how I agreed that he “overcame the shadows feat” to win HOH. Then asking him about how Libra was “deviant” when he really meant “devious”. That of course got an answer I was not expecting.

    When he talks this kind of verbal diarrhea takes over. My theory is that he is so aware that people think of him as a muscle bound dolt, that he tries to overcompensate by using big words and metaphors to sound like he’s smart. But the sad truth remains, he’s not that smart, so he doesn’t understand the meaning of half the words he is saying and everything comes out as if a drunk William F Buckley was playing Mad Libs. Or at least that is the thinking of my rationale mind.

  30. derder says:

    WOW! This poor sap is pathetic. His ability to rationalize everything just blows me away.
    Although I’m glad you gave it to him a little, “you really kind of came out from under the shadows feat to win HOH”; I am glad you weren’t too hard on him, Ed.
    He seems so empty and sad I fear for his well being.

  31. may says:

    I’m so glad you interviewed him Ed. I wish it was longer, gotta love that Jessiespeak. I’m scared because I sort of understood him.
    I miss you Jessie.

  32. sugarshane says:

    “a drunk William F Buckley was playing Mad Libs.”

    Possibly one of my favorite comparisons ever. Good luck trying to explain that one to Jessie. And I would feel bad for him, if he didn’t continually subject himself to this kind of humiliation and ridicule on the four different reality shows he’s appeared on.

  33. anniedawg25 says:

    wow. great interview!
    I had to actually read it a few times to get what the F jesse was talking about.
    But definate LOL at “Renny and her medication”……whaaaaaaa???
    And Libra and Steven taking a shower together? OK!

  34. chick110 says:

    I can’t say that I miss Jessie yet. But EdHill, you did a great job trying to interview him. From your comment, it sounds like trying to contain jello in a hairnet would have been easier than deciphering what the fuck he meant.

  35. dj says:

    my how the tales have turned Jessie!

    (did he really say ‘tales’ or was that a typo??)

  36. JasonR says:

    Hey, at least he can lift heavy things.

  37. zevonia says:

    Unless it’s time for him to take a nap!

  38. chick110 says:

    Heavy things like his head? Since it is so full of himself, I doubt there’s much room for any grey matter… Maybe that’s why he takes so many naps–to rest his neck from carrying that ego-filled brain of his.

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