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bb10-081908o.jpgMidseasonreplacements gets an exclusive interview with Dan. No more censored structured CBS email interviews. 10 minutes on the phone where I can ask about Ollie cumming, Jerry being a hypocrite and Ollie being dumb enough to believe he would keep his deal. I actually came away really liking him, as he seemed to “get” the show and what you have to do to win it more than most. read it all after the jump…

Midseasonreplacements: Well, first congratulations for winning the game

Dan: What!? I won the game? (laughs).

Midseasonreplacements: I am not only surprised that you won but that you won unanimously.

Dan: You and me both.

Midseasonreplacements: It seemed Memphis was much more cautious and didn’t make as many enemies as you did. Why do you think you won over him?

Dan: I think the fact that I had a personal relationship with everyone in the house at some point definitely helped me. Especially with the votes. April had a vote and Ollie had a vote. Memphis might have said ten words to them in the house when he was there. If Memphis didn’t like you, he wasn’t going to talk to you. I think that helped me in the end.

Midseasonreplacements: It also seemed that once the houseguests started going into the jury house, you changed your strategy to a much more aggressive jury strategy.

Dan: Definitely. I tried to win votes before it got to the jury house. I had an extraordinary opportunity with Michelle to win back a vote. With Renny and with Keesha I just tried to win a vote before it got to the jury speech time. I think obviously the only one I didn’t was Keesha before we got there, but the less damage I had to do with the jury speeches the better.

Midseasonreplacements: So you think that you pretty much had most of the votes up until the final interview that they all gave to you?

Dan: No, not at all. I thought for sure that I had Keesha and Renny. To tell you the truth in the final live day I thought I had a 50% chance of winning. I thought it would be 4-3 either way. I thought I had Keesha and Renny and Memphis had Jerry and Libra which left the game down to April, Ollie and Michelle. So I really didn’t feel confident winning let alone a 7-0 vote. It’s extremely overwhelming and unexpected. Being a huge fan of the show I couldn’t think of a, and maybe I’m wrong, I couldn’t remember anyone winning unanimously.

Midseasonreplacements: No. No one ever has.

Dan: Unbelievable.

Midseasonreplacements: You say you watched the show before. Some people had talked about you and Monica slated to be a secret couple in a previous season. Is that true?

Dan: Umm, I can’t talk to you much about that but ahhh, there was a previous opportunity for both of us to go on but it didn’t work out.

Midseasonreplacements: The Judas thing got a lot of play. You didn’t say anything and kept your mouth shut which is probably the smartest thing to do. Did it really bother you as much as it did other people?

Dan: [laughs] No, not at all. Any personal attacks on this game I kind of laughed off. It was like water rolling off of my back. I knew anytime when people got into a fight and it was over something personal, one of those people always went home. I did not want to be one of those people so I had to control my emotions better than anyone else in the house and I think I did that and that’s why I am where I am right now.

Midseasonreplacements: The thing about Jerry is he would get so angry with you. He was actually the first person to publically break his word in week one with Brian…

Dan: [laughs] I know. funny, huh?

Midseasonreplacements: But no one ever called him out on that! Up until his last day in the house he kept telling everyone that he never breaks his word. Why didn’t you or anyone call him out on that?

Dan: That’s the thing. Anything with Jerry, and you know I respect him and enjoy him as a person, you can never get in a debate with Jerry because he [thinks he’s] always right. You could never bring up a point because he would never see it your way. So it’s the whole “don’t argue with fools” because people from a distance can’t tell who is who. If you see two people arguing can you tell me who the smart one is and who the foolish one is? No. So why even get in that argument. That’s how I felt about Jerry. Everyone knew that he lied. It didn’t need to be brought up. Even in his exit speech, here’s what he said “I’ve never lied to anyone, except..”. OK, so you did lie in the game Jerry. To me that hard thing about this game, if you’re going to lie, why not admit to it? You know what I mean? Or, why not continue to lie. If you’re gonna lie, lie the whole way, don’t do it and…

Midseasonreplacements: Well, you yourself said in week one when Ollie turned against Brian, you said in the dairy room “I’m not going to sacrifice my word for $500,000”.

Dan: Right.

Midseasonreplacements: Did you actually mean that at the time, or was that just talk?

Dan: You know what, here’s the thing. I wanted to go through the game and, maybe I was naive trying to keep my word, but I found out quickly if ahhh… Ollie was probably one of the last people I expected to stab me in the back based on first impressions. So as soon as that happened I said “game on” and I had to play a game that I knew that I probably should have played from the beginning. But coming into this house I was definitely naive to the fact that I thought I might be able to get through keeping my word. But then I remembered the previous 9 seasons that I studied and I knew it was time to play.

Midseasonreplacements: When you made that deal with Ollie, where you pretty much handed him the entire HOH power..

Dan: [laughing] yeah…

Midseasonreplacements: Did you intend to keep that deal all the way through?

Dan: No. There was no chance whatsoever. I had about 5 minutes left on that rope and I was trying to do whatever I could to get him off. I think that was the downfall of some people on this show. They didn’t watch any of these other seasons. I mean how many times have you seen, being a fan of Big Brother, someone make a deal during an endurance challenge and did not go through with it? Let alone, probably one of the worst deals in Big Brother history for me giving up almost every power of HOH. I mean, did you really think I was gonna keep that deal Ollie? Are you really that dumb?

Midseasonreplacements: Yeah I gotta be honest, I was amazed that he was strutting around all week acting like he had all this power when it was obvious that no one in their right mind would keep that deal.

Dan: [laughs] I know, he asked me in the jury house “Why did you keep the first two parts of the deal and not the third part?”. The reason was that he believed that I was going to let the deal go through and let him pick a replacement nominee. I mean, why did I stay up there for 4 hours? For a picture of Monica? Yeah, a picture of Monica meant the world to me, but that wasn’t going to win me a half a million dollars.

Midseasonreplacements: The jury was under the impression that Memphis was having others do his dirty work for him. I think they were unaware how much you were manipulating Memphis and other people without anyone knowing about it. I actually give you a lot of credit for that. Do you think if they knew this, the vote would have gone differently?

Dan: I really don’t just because when you have someone like Libra in the jury house, someone Like Keesha, someone like Jerry. 3 people who played the game pretty tough. I thought at the end they would vote for someone who played this game hard whether it got emotional or not. I think Libra respects the game tremendously and she wanted to vote for the person that she thought played a better game. And that’s how she voted. Anytime you get people on the house that have watched previous seasons there going to vote for who played the best game and not who played nice.

Midseasonreplacements: In your preshow bio, it described you as pretty conservative politically, but when you got in the house you really kept that to yourself. Was that a conscious decision?

Dan: Definitely. I think anytime you bring politics into anything you are going to polarize people and I definitely did not want to do that. But here’s the thing I need to make clear because I talked to Monica about the perceptions of me going into the house and how they are were vastly different by the end of the season. I want it to be known that I started playing this game in the casting process. I knew they would not put a normal average Midwest teacher in the house so I had to say some things that I didn’t mean or didn’t even believe. So if you look at my bio , I haven’t had the chance to look at it. It’s pretty….

Midseasonreplacements: Exaggerated?

Dan: Yeah, very much so. I mean, Big Brother did not make that up. That stuff came out of my mouth, but I started playing this game in the casting process and I knew I had to do something extra to get into the house.

Midseasonreplacements: Now, some things were going on in the house that no one knew about except for a few people. But everyone watching knew about it. The big one was that April and Ollie were having sex.

Dan: Yeah, I found that out last night at about 2 in the morning when Monica told me and my mouth dropped. I had no clue whatsoever. When April left, Ollie kissed her on the cheek. That’s as far as I thought they’d gotten. I mean it’s none of my business but then it got in my head “Wait a minute; I slept in that same HOH bed”.

Midseasonreplacements: Another question the fans are asking is, why are you always yelling in the HOH room?

Dan: [laughs] I got that in the CBS poll question. In the house it’s pretty calm and you didn’t see a lot of “Coach Dan” come out. But in the diary room I let the inner coach come out. Being the summer I should’ve been coaching football. I didn’t get that opportunity because I had the opportunity to be in the Big Brother house. So it was my chance to coach America and Big Brother and that’s when I really got fired up and into it. I brought a lot of energy and unfortunately I think I blew out a few microphones.

Midseasonreplacements: Thanks Dan, I really am surprised as you’re the first person in a couple of years who’s won the show that I haven’t hated with a passion.

Dan: [laughs] I’ll take it as a compliment.

Midseasonreplacements: I thought you played a great game and you were pretty likeable all the way. And congratulations.

Dan: Thanks. If there’s anything I can do for Midseasonreplacements.com let me know, I’d be happy to do whatever I can.

Midseasonreplacements: Great thanks.

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