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(EdHill) EdHill (at) midseasonreplacements (dot) com is the creator of MidseasonReplacements and recaps Lost, Project Runway, Big Brother and whatever else he can find time for. He also wrote this “about us” page and finds it very odd to write about himself in the third person. He can be reached at EdHill@midseasonreplacements.com

sg-dub has a unique love-hate relationship with reality television. However, his anger is not to be taken as a reflection of who he is as a person. For that, you can read this. (And you can see he is able to procreate.)

(Copygodd) copygodd (at) midseasonreplacements (dot) com is from our Rocky Mountain offices. He drinks beer and recaps Survivor and Hell’s Kitchen. You can read his blogs here and here.

(BERJnata) BERJ (at) midseasonreplacements (dot) com is from our New York offices. Formerly Umnata from TVgasm, he decided to change his name more times than Prince and finally settled on BERJnata.

(Brilliantmistake) brillmiss (at) gmail (dot) com works from our Los Angeles office and worries about overusing italics and ellipses…worries a lot. She recaps America’s Next Top Model, Heroes, So You Think You Can Dance, Big Brother, and puts random things in her tumblelog.

Hiro recaps The Hills and The Bachelor because she adores materialism and shallow women. She lives in Seattle and maintains an overly personal blog.

Mokers emerged from the long cold night of his non-compete clause with TVgasm and now helps out recapping Heroes, when he has time and we ask him nicely.

Kristy writes from our San Francisco offices when not documenting how she just walks around with it.


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