Friends & Writers

B-side Blog: Most of the writers here started at B-Side and J-Unit/Moker’s old site, and B-Side’s new life on the internet continues on just as funny as before. Always amusing, the site is daily ritual amongst most of us. Has been spotted in these here parts on the occasional live blog.

Half Black Charisma: The blogger formerly known as J-Unit, now known as Mokers. One of our biggest supporters in getting MidseasonReplacements off the ground along with B-side, he also contributes here.

Connecticut Museum Quest: Where MidseasonReplacements writer sg-dub documents his quest to visit every single one of the 400+ museums in the Nutmeg State. It’s witty, interesting and really OCD – and will land him a kick-ass local PBS show someday. EdHill sometimes goes along to provide a thumbs-up.

Will Write for Beer and Death Springs Eternal: MidseasonReplacements writer copygodd’s other pursuits, besides beer.

Brilliantmistake: Random synapse firing and nerdery from MidseasonReplacements writer brilliantmistake.

Hiro Talks a Lot: MidseasonReplacements writer Hiro’s overly personal blog on things less television related yet still funny.

She Just Walks Around With It: MidseasonReplacements writer Kristy’s blogs about stuff big and small.

The Original Pawns of Comedy: Occasional MidseasonReplacements scribe and stand up comedian Ish’s personal blog.

theoriginalspy. Spy is from the Polar Savage Canadian Offices, where she works with her BFF, Travellingone. Previously, she discovered what dastardly things happen when corporations take over recapping sites – that is, until she repressed the oppressive debacle. She now writes for MSR and gets a little more fanciful over at her blog: I, Spy.

The Ack Attack: Ack had a brief stint here with her fabulous Lost photocaps, she now has her own site highlighting her Lost writing.


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