01.12.06 | Lost, Recaps 

Lost: Gimme Some of That Old Time Religion

lost9_011206.jpg When last we left our lovable Losties, we found out the evil thing Kate did in her past, Sawyer finally woke up and continued his charmingly sarcastic ways without missing a beat, and then Kate made out with Jack during what can charitably be described as a nervous breakdown while being haunted by a big horse (I hate those). Eko and Locke then discovered the missing piece of the Hanso project orientation film where it warns against using the computer for anything but typing in the numbers, since it might trigger another “incident.” And the episode ended, of course, with Michael using the computer for something other than entering the numbers when Walt sent him an instant message through the computer screen. And you can tell that Walt is in trouble because he doesn’t type LOL, ROFL or even (*)(*) for boobies.

After a few weeks of nothing but individual character stories, I can tell you that this week we finally get back on track with the whole island mystery. We get to see Eko’s back story and we finally get a good long look at one of them big secrets we’ve been wondering about for over two years. Also, Michael wastes an entire vat of ranch dressing.

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Desperate Housewives: Kiss Me, Stupid

You know, as much as I bitch to friends about the fact that 24 doesn’t start their season until January, they at least make it so you get uninterrupted episodes every week. This way they can avoid the annoying month-long intervals between fresh episodes, which is what we just had to endure with Desperate Housewives. It has been so long since a new episode that they had to air a “so far this season” recap show last week just to remind everyone that yes, the show does still exist. Someone needs to tell the producers that Teri Hatcher’s face has only so many days left before it just completely disintegrates, so they better use every day wisely (don’t believe me? check out the top ten scariest celebrities in HD, where she took top prize).

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01.03.06 | Project Runway, Recaps 

Project Runway: Now Dasher! Now, Dancer! Now, Prancer And (Lots of) Vixens!

Sigh. Here’s the deal… I watched the last episode of Project Runway back when it aired originally, on December 21st. That same night, Martha Stewart’s wondrous “Apprentice” finale aired and I made the difficult Sophie’s Choice to do the Martha recap first. I was up against the clock, as I was slated to go away for the holidays and recapping wouldn’t be so easy. I tried… I really, really tried to get it done before the long holiday hiatus. Then there were parties and bowl games and snow to shovel (and shovel… And shovel) and on and on. (Not to mention losing my original recap over a week ago to a jittery “do not save changes” gaffe.) Boo fricking hoo.

Alas, I did not get the recap done. As a result, here we are, nearly two weeks later with only the faintest memories of Santino’s embarrassing lingerie ode to “Heidi’s Homeland” still lodged in our brains – right in that weird spot with things that are supposed to turn us on, but somehow repulse us. Kind of like having outdoor sex and being caught by a relative (or EdHill) or broccoli flavored ice cream. Such was the mad creation of Mr. Santino – lingerie that made me feel icky. Two things come as a result of this absurdly late recap: One, a really chintzy shortened screencap-heavy version of the genius recap I had in my head 2 weeks ago while driving through New Jersey headed home for the holidays and two, a New Year’s resolution: Get the goddamn recaps done quicker.

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12.21.05 | Project Runway, Recaps 

Project Runway: I’m a Barbie Boy

After the solid premiere of Project Runway, we knew the show would “stay the course” and remain strong throughout its second season. They threw a few slightly concerning elements our way last week but still managed to rise above the reality fray. Sure we were bludgeoned by product placement, but that’s so ingrained into the reality landscape now we can hardly complain. The show also cleared up the new model elimination process confusion I had last week – and I like their revamped methodology. Can this show do anything wrong?

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12.12.05 | Making the Band, Recaps 

Making the Band: The Next Great One Hit Wonder is Here!

Get ready America, because you’re lives are about to change. From now on colors will seem brighter and smells will smell sweeter. Why you ask? Because from this point on we have the next great super girl group in our midst. After all the waiting, all the drama, all the Diddy ego trips, we have […]

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12.12.05 | Prison Break, Recaps 

Prison Break: Prison Hiatus

11-28-05g.jpgYeah, yeah I hear ya – what’s the point of recapping a show that aired two weeks ago? I don’t have an answer for that, nor do I have a legitimate excuse for why I waited two weeks. But if my inbox is any indication, there are at least a handful of you who can’t live without the recap, no matter how silly it is at this point. Do you even remember the “Fall finale?” I didn’t, so I re-watched it last night and got pissed off all over again. I could try to convince you that I purposely waited on this recap in an effort to bridge the months until the show airs again… But you wouldn’t believe that, would you? Sigh. For what it’s worth, let’s get to it, shall we? (The first seven paragraphs below were written way back when the show aired.)

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12.10.05 | Project Runway, Recaps 

Project Run-wah-wah-wahhhh

Now that Project Runway had dispensed with the selection process in, “The Road to the Runway,” (the first hour of the premiere), it was time to get cracking on the first real challenge. Typically, the designers have a very, very short window of time to conceptualize, design, create and fit their outfits. For some, the stress of this time limitation is the spark they need to “just do it,” for others, it destroys them. Of course, for us, the time constraints and resultant meltdowns translate into fascinating television – and perhaps better MSRblog recaps.

Throw in some scantily clad models, Heidi Klum, Heidi Klum’s “bump,” and an intriguing mix of personalities vying for the $100K, car, and Banana Republic contract – and you have the makings for another great season of the show.

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12.09.05 | Project Runway 

Project Runway EEZ EEN! (Pt. 1)

[Disclaimer: I do not know much about fashion. I will make fashion-related errors throughout this season’s recaps. Corrections are welcome, but don’t be a dick about it. There were too many people in the first episode to put together a seamless and funny recap. It’s more informational than I usually like, but also necessary.]

After watching the first hour of the two hour premiere this week, I was reminded all over again why I feel this show is simply the best. Although it’s certainly still too early to tell, it appears as though the show will avoid the dreaded Sophomore Slump. Why? Off the top of my head, here are the reasons why the show rules, in no particular order:

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12.07.05 | Making the Band, Recaps 

Making the Band: Where My Ladies At?

I know, I know. This recap is late. The truth is “EdHill” is actually a team of 6 writers and 3 of them were on vacation last week so we were a little behind in catching up. Yeah that’s right, 6 writers. Hell, “J-Unit” alone is a committee of 12 writers, 2 of whom are former members of Monty Python. What you think just one man can come up with these side splittingly funny jokes and screenshots? If so I’d like to meet him. He must be the most fantastic man alive.

But enough of that, lets focus on what were all here for. The penultimate episode of Making the Band 3. Diddy is about to make his girl band. Who will it be? Will I get to see large billboards of a scantily clad Dominique? Or maybe Denosh? Just think how big her Adams apple would look like hanging from Times Square. But first things first, as the girls are opening for the Backstreet Boys in front of tens of dozens of 12 year old fans, and we finally see which girls can handle the pressure and which ones will crack. Or their voices at least.

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Desperate Housewives: Fathers Know Best

It was with trepidation that I watched last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives. After last weeks big finale I was half expecting them to pull a Dallas and have George’s kinda but not really suicide be all a dream, or that he didn’t actually die, he just got sick, or what have you. But no, […]

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